Domino's Australia Denies Misleading Franchisees on Pay

Domino's scooter

A lawsuit filed in Australian federal court alleges that Domino's misled franchisees by telling them not to pay employees in accordance with minimum wage law. Domino’s denies it, but says it has not formally received the court documents in the class action suit.

It [Domino's] reiterated that it would defend itself against the class action, although it said the lead applicant had not made any claim against his franchisee employer and no franchisee employer was party to the action.

Instead, employees are seeking compensation against Domino's for alleged underpayment by franchisee employers. —Nikhil Kurian Nainan, Reuters via Yahoo Finance

Photo: Domino’s Honda Benly scooter, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia by Matthew Paul Argall