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Two of Blue MauMau’s Most Read Stories during 2007 & 2008:

Smartest Public Moves in Food Franchising

Here are 5 slides on the smartest public moves in food franchising. Thanks to our contributors in sharing these news stories throughout 2006.

Top 5 Landmark Lawsuits Affecting Franchisees of 2007

Franchisor versus Franchisee. In These Legal Cases, Franchise Owners Are Freed from Arbitration Clauses, Retaliatory Franchisor Litigation and More

From Last Week:

When Your Franchisor Goes Belly-Up

What happens to franchise owners when their franchisor suddenly goes belly-up? 

Man Calls 911 to Complain about His Subway Sandwich

Police in Jacksonville, Florida had to restrain and imprison a man who called 911 to report a missing sauce from his Subway spicy Italian sandwich.


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