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Franchisees Richardson & Jones Instrumental in Resolving NFL Lockout

Is there something special about leadership developed at the franchisee-level?  Charlie Rose interviews National Football League team owners Jerry Richardson and Jerry Jones, who were instrumental in settling the recent lockout with players that threatened to halt football. As spokesperson for the NFL brand, the franchisor chairman Dave Goodell announced to the public in July, "football's back."

Former North Carolinian Richardson is no stranger to franchises. He opened the first Hardee's hamburger franchise in 1961 under Spartan Foods and later became CEO of Flagstar, which had some 2,500 restaurants under its control. He currently is a franchise owner of the Carolina Panthers.

With a very hands-on style of running a franchise, Jerry Jones has been owner of the Dallas Cowboys franchise since 1989. Jones has a strong vision of where professional football needs to go -- e.g. media friendly stadiums and international expansion. His two sons and daughter are officers in the company. As head of an independent franchisee group that represents team owners, Richardson, and Jones, engaged the collective bargaining of the players. 

One side note, both Richardson and Jones worked in the industry in their youth as football players.

(Video: 28 minutes)

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