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Nightline on Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A's Dan Cathy
Chick Fil A's president Dan Cathy on Nightline

On Friday, ABC's Nightline featured Dan Cathy, president of Chic Fil A and son of the founder of the fast-food chain, on a series this week that focuses on the ten commandments. Much of this piece covers Chic Fil A's adherence to values of not working on the Sabbath. For Chic Fil A, that means its franchises close their stores on Sunday.

But what quietly shouts through on the video are keen business values, values that help the chain make up for closing its doors to customers for one day of the week. For example, although this past year it has had twenty five thousand franchise wannabees begging the company to accept their sizable investment dollars, the firm will only select and open 70 new franchises. THAT is highly controlled growth. The company owns a part of each franchised restaurant, retaining the rights of an owner. (That's not in the video.)

You can also see that the company's president stays glued to operational front lines by attending store grand openings, even camping out the night before. See how Chick Fil A's franchisees effectively engage the community. Some might argue that some of the actions in the video shows a deeply intuitive understanding of tribal marketing to a certain segment of the Christian community. And on it goes. WATCH.

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