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Ray Borradale's picture

Positive franchising at BMM

There are more blogs here on quality franchising than you might expect.  I've written a few myself but there are quite a few others from Don and the huge team at BMM. Go look.

Its just that you are new and most blogs and comments target the majority that show us practices where we can guide them to improve.

RichardSolomon's picture

You are correct. I apologize. Good job protecting the brand.

I suspect you must be a trademark kinda person. I used to be married to one of those. Real hot babe. As I recall, she gave up on trynig to make a cultured gentleman out of me.

No such thing as Auntie Ann

Richard Solomon, Esq. writes, "If what is said about Auntie Ann is true.."

Uhm. It's Auntie AnnE'S, not Auntie Ann. I'm not sure what system Auntie Ann is.

If a lawyer is to make judgments about the future of a brand, at least get the name of the brand right.

RichardSolomon's picture

You are probably right. PE firms don't buy franchise systems

to preserve the status quo. They buy them to improve the franchisor's revenue stream and then dump the system on some suckers/investors down the road so that they can ride the thing as it tanks.

If what is said about Auntie Ann is true, a group of profitable franchisees  is a target rich environment. Their costs of everything should go up drastically over the next 12  - 18 months, and there should be a big push to open more locations.

In in larger configuration with a higher revenue stream the pump and dump will be ready for the new shareholders.

I nearly fell off my chair

I nearly fell off my chair when I read something positive on BMM about a franchiser. It certaintly is nice to get a different feeling than the "Hurt see, woes me" mentality.

Ray Borradale's picture

Focus Brands?

Most people at BMM have never had the privilege to be anywhere near a quality franchising relationship and based on their experience many understandably just cannot see how such a thing is possible.

And that is not unreasonable – there simply isn’t enough quality franchises compared to the mammoth numbers of so-so and disaster brands people sign in to every day.  Quality franchises should be able to hit greater heights than the rubbish brands but they all look the same on the surface and when idiots don’t perform killer due diligence loser brands prosper and usually more so.

Auntie Anne's obviously has a fine history with long term franchisees and a strength coming from multi-unit franchisees. There is a lot in this history for others to learn from but I do hesitate;

Focus Brands, the private equity firm that took over the firm last November

PE investors mostly have a terrible record in franchising.  I hope I’m wrong but my gut says watch this space.