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OOPS...wrong again Mr Wright

From another article.... 'Wright expressed confidence the Shopping Centre Council would support the measure.' OOPS!

The FCA (Franchising Cabal of Australia) are demonstrating a strange form of Schizophasia in this foray. They raise so much of what they deny is occurring in franchising. I wonder where they get this from?

Let's make a start at fixing Mr Wright's list for franchising:

• Excessive fee increases.
• Unreasonable behaviour in relation to end of term arrangements.
• Unreasonable and costly requirements in relation to shop fit-out and signage.
• The substantial information imbalance between franchisors and franchisees.
• Unreasonable and costly requirements in relation to dispute resolution
• Abuse of power in disputes where franchisors offer settlements on a "take it or leave it" basis.’

A blatant misrepresenation that keeps cropping up is that the FCA represents franchisors and franchisees. Their denials and tantrums every time reform is put on the table dictates franchisees are in no way even a consideration.

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FCA clutching at straws

FCA are optimistic but they fail to appreciate that the level of support for the SA Franchising legislation is and has been both widespread and bi-partisan.

where is Stalin

When you need him?

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Giles has a sense of humor

Giles would have directed Wright in this.

Now when it hits the fan for the FCA Giles can just slink away.