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  From the Pizzamarket


From the Pizzamarket Place, ten years ago:

Eleven years ago, Quiznos Sub hired Adams to help grow what was then an 18-store sandwich chain. Nine years later, when he was its senior vice president of global development, Quizno's had 2,000 stores operating in eight countries.  In 2001, Adams left the sub chain to buy Nick-N-Willy's World Famous Take-N-Bake Pizza, a 17-store company then based in Boulder, Colo. In reality, the product was famous only in the Rocky Mountain state, but Adams and partner Dick Weil, a former executive at Multifoods Distribution (now called Vistar), believed it could gain authentic renown under their leadership.

Jeez, allegations of lying, cheating and statutory noncompliance.  I am shocked, Rick.

And what of the Canadian connection:

"We just sold the development agreement for 320 stores in Canada," Adams said during a March interview. "We think the concept will do very well there."

How interesting.  I have never seen one in Canada - but 320 stores could be hiding almost anywhere.