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No Respect For Forbes Magazine After This

So this is the kind of in-depth, hard hitting reporting you get from Forbes, eh? It reads like an Entrepreneur Magazine puff piece - and at least that rag was getting advertising from Dick in return for kissing his rear. Very disappointing.

RS is a tricky one...

When I worked at the Quiznos Corporation in Denver Colorado, we saw many top employees (best of the bunch) working for the other Corporation, Smash Burgers. Some of the best and brightest were working for both companies. The thing I found odd was, I don't know know who called the shots or how it was so hush hush, but those employees were getting paid from Quiznos Corporation. That ultimately in my opinion is what brought Quiznos Corporation down. Sad to see that Smash Burger was started with money from another Sister company.

Granville_Bean's picture

It's the latest HOT CONCEPT !!!!

Be sure to get in on this gound floor opportunity before all the good territories are gone!  Buy one TODAY!!!

(At least they have company stores so that they can show you as well as tell you.)

This company is the second

This company is the second coming of Quiznos. The question is, did R.S. learn from his mistakes at Quiznos or will greed ultimately prevail again. Only time will tell, but one can go back and find the same rankings and prospecting for a young brand called Quiznos. The Quiznos logo is very similar to the Smashburger logo and the menu offerings are quite similar too. Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm Toasty?

So that annual revenue number

So that annual revenue number is unimpressive when broken down weekly...around $7200. I figured (like quiznos) this franchise would strive to be fast a Panera. In the northeast Panera is doing anywhere between 35-70k a week. Has Five guys started to fizz out yet?