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Rod Sims

Mr Sims sent a strong message to the Australian franchising industry stating that its current reputation is costing the sector and the economy.  This is well deserved.  For too long the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has been known throughout the country as a 'toothless tiger'. 

Sims has made similar declarations to other sectors and for the first time in a decade there is a sense of optimism in Australia.  Small business operators may well begin to get a taste of fair treatment after all. That will go a long way to producing a healthy competive business environment to the benefit of all Australians. It seems Sims intends to use his powers.

Still; Rod Sims has to overcome more than a decade of legislation limiting ACCC powers where financially powerful lobby groups have laid claim to massive profits from Australian consumers and destroyed much of small business. Rod Sims' responsibilty is to consumers and the economy.  He obviously recognises the long term cost of power abuse in the franchising relationship.

I have to wonder why the FTC has not publicly recognised the same cost to the US.

Australian franchisees would also want to acknowledge the efforts and morality of South Australia's Tony Picollo MP.

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