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Lobbying Efforts

Michael Webster Said: My informal take on the AAFD's lobbying efforts is that the franchisee associations were not prepared to put up either the bucks or the money for access to the Senators/Representatives  that the IFA and franchisors did.

You have to put up or shut up, especially when it comes to influencing the legislative process.

When it comes to Lobbying and Franchising Rick Berman is a '1-Man Franchise' and perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Franchising.

Berman's list of Franchisor clients reads like: Who's Who In Franchising.  Here's just a few of his clients and supporters: American Restaurant Group, Anheuser-Busch, Arby's, Brinker International, Inc., Burger King, Chili's, Chi-Chi's, Cracker BarrelHard Rock Café, Hooters of America, Inc.International House of Pancakes, Jack-in-the-BoxMarriott Corp., Metromedia Restaurant GroupPerkins Family RestaurantsRare Hospitality InternationalShoney's, Inc., Sizzler, Steak & Ale, TGI Friday's, Uno Restaurant Corp., Vicorp Restaurants, Inc., Wendy's

Berman was featured on in a 60 Minutes piece titled: MEET RICHARD BERMAN, A.K.A. "Dr. Evil"?  The segment by Morley Safer originally aired on April 8, 2007 and was re-broadcast on Sunday, July 22, 2007.  Safer reports, Berman believes we are fast becoming a nation children ruled by the iron thumb of self-appointed "nannies".

Here's a small piece taken from the transcript of the show:

"Let me just take you through some of the things your critics have said about you. Sleazy, greedy, outrageous, deceptive, ineffective except when it comes to making money for yourself, corporate lackey who is one of the scariest people in America," Safer remarks.

"You know, I grew up in the Bronx. Name-calling is not the worst thing that I've been subjected to," Berman replies.

Rick Berman is lawyer and a lobbyist, which some might say is bad enough, but he would say lawyer and lobbyist for personal freedom.

"If the government is truly interested in my health and welfare, I'm appreciative of it. But, I think I can take care of myself," Berman tells Safer.

Berman claims that we are quickly becoming a "nanny state," an overregulated society with ever-declining freedom of choice from how much we earn, to when we may drive, to what we eat.

He has particular contempt for so-called "food cops" who claim to know what’s best for us.

"They create this Chicken Little mentality that the sky is falling over everything," Berman says. "You know, the latest study says this, the latest study says that. And they drive the government to satisfy that artificial public need."

Berman blames activist, safety and watchdog groups—“do-gooders run amok” he calls them—for trying to scare America into submission. He points to those endless reports, often contradictory, which offer us a dizzying array of fearful news about everyday food and drink that might just kill you: like tuna fish, chicken, diet soda, salt, and that demon, trans-fats.

So as you can probably tell, I think Berman is GREAT!  He is the president of Berman and Company a dynamic research, communications, advertising, and government affairs firm.  The company's web site states:

We blend aggressive, creative thinking with functional expertise to achieve extraordinary results for our clients.

Berman and Company isn’t your average PR firm.  Our mission is to "change the debate," not simply contribute to it.  Through our fact-based, hard-hitting approach to public relations and issue advocacy, Berman and Company makes the public think twice about commonly held assumptions. Says president and founder Rick Berman, “My goal is to make people say, ‘I’ve never thought of it that way before.’”

We don't just change the debate. If necessary, we start the debate. Our success is based on four core competencies: credible research as the foundation for effective messages disseminated via aggressive communications, and creative advertising.

CHECK OUT these websites by Berman & Company and BE SURE to check out some of the TV ADS:

Those who believe as I do, that WE NEED LESS GOVERNMENT REGULATION & MORE CONSUMER FREEDOM will be impressed by the work of Berman.  Those who believe that the Government should protect Americans from themselves will probably understand why Rich Berman is referred to by many as DR. EVIL!   

Believe & Succeed,DaleFranSynergy, Inc.Synergizing Franchising!www.fransynergy.com

Posted by FranSynergy on July 24th, 2007

Berman Lobbies to Protect the Corporate Profits

I saw that interview, Dale. Berman lobbies for big money for the big corporations.

All that "Nanny" stuff they throw out there to confuse the issue is pitiful.

Americans must be the fattest people on earth and if we are going to eat fast food and raise our kids on it, it certainly could be healthier.

Berman is against regulation of profits of the corporations who don't want to spend the money to clean up their acts.

on July 25th, 2007

Freedom to choose!

Personally -

Let me decide if I want to die of lung cancer from smoking 2-packs of Marlboro Reds a day.

Let me decide if I want to die of heart failure after reaching 400lbs on a diet of Double Quarter Pounders with cheese, large fry and chocolate shake for lunch and dinner 7-days a week.

Let me decide if I die of a brain hemorage after crashing my car because I failed to buckle up.

I think Berman is dead-on, and is an incredibly talented individual in his methodology of communicating just how out of hand over regulation has become.

FREEDOM to choose - is a powerful freedom, which should not be taken for granted or taken away!  Just my opinion. 

Believe & Succeed,DaleFranSynergy, Inc.Synergizing Franchising!www.fransynergy.com

Posted by FranSynergy on July 25th, 2007

Slight of Hand

FranSynergy. We want freedom to choose. And liberty is precious. But be careful not to get side-tracked into a false dichotomy. Here's what I'm talking about.

From the very humorous movie about lobbying, Thank You for Smoking.

on July 25th, 2007