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Refused to Settle

Mr. Sprock was asked if he wanted to settle this matter and his response was; "No way. I'm going to court to clear my name." Good luck Mr. Spock. You should re-think that statement, because if you are found guilty of RICO, your franchising days are over. I for one hope that you stick to your guns and "clear" your name. Especially since I will then own a large chunk of your capital. Because this judge has ruled that if he finds any damages he will find Mr. Sprock guilty of RICO.

We forced the attention. We

We forced the attention. We demanded certain depositions be taken that the Zarco firm was not going to bother with. Those depositions yielded very valuable info. That's when Mr. Einhorn took notice and started giving us the time necessary to win this case. The Summary Judgment ruling didn't hurt either. Under RICO the judge rulled that a reasonable jury would find Mr. Sprock guilty if any damages were found. Good luck to you.

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Ask the client

You say you're a CS Franchisee, but are you the client who Zarco is representing?  If so, why ask here, ask YOUR attorney. Oh wait, the client isn't you, it's a F'see association?  Well ask YOUR association instead of here, and then post here to tell the rest of the world. Or are you not a member of said association?

How come the Moes franchisees get all of Zarco's attention?

I just looked at a docket from the Moes franchisees case and compared it to the one in one from the Cold Stone franchisee case. They both have Zarco but the Moes franchisees case is being fought hard and the Cold Stone case is just sitting there since it was filed. I’m a Cold Stone franchisee and I’m wondering why our case isn’t getting the same amount of attention from Zarco as the Moes franchisee case?

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This is a wonderful job by Zarco Einhorn as I would expect.

The thing that people fail to appreciate is that thee are scores of similar folks running QSR recent franchises.

QSR franchising is an investment mine field today.

I wonder if there will be collectibility here when all is said and done. I also wonder whether the 11th circuit will be sufficiently insightful to sustain the RICO victory. The 11th is notorious for trying the winning lawyers rather than the facts of the case. In years gone by too many lawyers ended up in the 11th with abusive RICO cases that killed this golden goose. Hopefully the 11th has changed since then and would recognize that this is an excellent example where RICO really should be applied.

Comment moved

This comment Is off the topic of the article; namely, Moe's and Raving Brands' lawsuit. It has been moved here. - Mr. BMM

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The Next Quiznos?

Is Sprock the new Schaden?

I find it striking that he reportedly started franchising Moe's the year after he opened the first one.  How could that be time to develop a "proven system"? That and his company being "multi concept". Throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks?

There's a Moe's about 50 miles from me.  I've tried it a couple of times when in that area.  Like the food okay but thought it was expensive for what is basically a QSR. Kind of like Quiznos.

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