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Granville_Bean's picture

What ya callin' "best"????

Let's say that all data was publically available.  Even with ALL the information, how do define "best" and don't people realize that it can be a moving target? So the hot money would chase last year's "best" franchise to buy, just like it chases last year's hottest mutual fund. But "past results do not predict future performance".

Also, an implicit fundamental flaw to a one size fits all "best" approach is that it buys into the "a trained monkey could do it, just follow the proven system" fallacy. (And that YOU, the prospective F'see, is the monkey.) Can any one franchise business actually be the best for ANYONE, is there NO skill, temperment or aptitude involved whatsoever? Is the only qualification required, the ability to cough up the franchise fee?  REALLY???

Interesting that when buying a franchise people do actually think that anyone can run any type of business so long as it is a franchise with a "proven system", yet when the go try to hire a manager, it is so hard to find someone who can handle the job. (Why can't the manager "just follow the proven system" also?)

This is only a list of

This is only a list of franchises that have received SBA loans. It does not account for conventional, traditional bank loans.That's really a great thing.

Franchise understanding in academia

Michael is correct, and there is even less understanding in government, and precious little in the business world outside of people who are parties to franchise agreements.

There are some academics that do have a strong grasp of franchising: Patrick Kufman of BU (also an attorney and marketing expert) and Ben Lawrence of Cornell come immediately to mind. Robert Kok of Johnson & Wales (formerly of Arbys)
as well.

michael webster's picture


Richard, go ahead start writing on wiki:

RichardSolomon's picture

Gimmie a break, please! Anyone in franchise marketing can

confect a "theory of the firm" that would arouse Hosni Mubarak.

A few tastes of Guinness and I could do it meself.

michael webster's picture

Franchising for Academics

There is no general understanding amongst most academics what an unusual corporate system a franchise is.  There is no corresponding "Theory of the Firm" to excite and attract a mass of academics to franchising.

RichardSolomon's picture

The establishment of a "Franchising Chair" in the faculty of a

respected university, either in the business school or the law, school would require a sufficient endowment the earnings of which would sustain the office of a tenured professor.

LSU has some arrangement with the IFA in which Robert Justice teaches franchise law according to the gospel of the IFA. I don't know if it such an endowment or rather an arrangement such that if the curriculum were more ecumenical the support can be withdrawn.

Ray Borradale's picture

The rock and the hard place;

The rock and the hard place; who funds it owns it.

Ed Teixeira's picture

Top franchises

Ray, this is exactly the reason why it can't be The Entreprenuer 500 or other source directly related to franchisors. I was thinking of an academic institution but who would fund it? I don't think we'll see it in our lifetime.

Ray Borradale's picture

Ed, 'top franchises' in

Ed, 'top franchises' in Australia are a farce paid for by the franchisors who make it to the list. How does anyone measure any industry performance when we know so little about the industry. Not just who went and who arrived; we don't even see reliable numbers on total franchisors or franchisees. General 'list' providers do no service to the industry where the failures are equally promoted with quality products and while most small franchises seem to be Whack jobs; some of the best are small.

Ed Teixeira's picture

Best Franchises

The franchise industry still lacks a credible ranking of the best franchise opportunties or at minimum top 25. Too often rankings are based upon system size and rate of growth. An index that could be used to evaluate best franchise performance could serve as a measure by which other franchises could be compared. JD Powers does it and consumer reports has done it so it can be done. I don't understand why an academic institution like UNH and its Rosenberg Center with its relationship to the franchise industry provides virtually no data on the industry.

Granville_Bean's picture

Mellow Mushroom???

Thought it would be a psychoacitve substance dispensery.

Reading their history, founded by college students, featuring psychadelic & tie dye decor, maybe not far from the reality, in spirit if not substances!

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