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Why are Quiznos (Canada) and

Why are Quiznos (Canada) and the franchisees argueing in court about the "legality" of Quiznos food kickbacks, when its so obvious the the kickbacks are killing the chain??? Dumping the kickbacks would salvage so many about to close stores!

Quiznos just whacked some

Quiznos just whacked some employees who were trying to help turn things around and kept the ones who helped get them into trouble in the first place. Then announced the suspensions of commissions and bonuses already due employees, They are also losing on avg of 20 domestic stores a week. This is not going to end well and it's a shame because it could've been righted.

Perhaps with today's firing

Perhaps with today's firing thinhg will improve for Quiznos...... McDonald's 14 years of imcompetence got his A$$ fired......

IFA Hall of Fame

But the founder of Q won’t be a true success until he is President of IFA then added to the IFA Hall of Fame ;-D

What I've learned......

Amazing.... Just amazing....... The reason why Quiznos Corporation may still exist is because it has the 4 factors it takes to be extremely profitable and to be the Devil's advocates:

1. Corporate Greed
2. Lawyers
3. Stock Market
4. Politicians

I've worked in Corporations and the Stock Market. I've kept Lawyers as close friends....... Politicians in my back pockets........ Those there above are the most terrible of the terrible of people. I couldn't sleep at night knowing what was going around, around me. I couldn't believe what I was doing. So I quit it all. Though I miss the money I would never want to do it all over again. I live a modest and humble life now, but I seen first hand what it takes to try and become number one. Though we only made it to number 6. Yes I too worked at Quiznos and saw the horrors first hand. I left after 2004, and joined a local coop and have been proud since.

The End

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end

Operational knowledge

So to be the president of Airbus you need to be a pilot? Novak is a cook? Walker is an auto mechanic.? Dwyer is an electrician, plumber and carpenter? What kind of logic is that?

Seid as hairdresser

if Michael Seid picked up his franchsing bug via Super Cuts, he had to be trained as some point as a hairdresser--that is, if he picked up any operational knowledge at all.

Hey Q Guest or Guests

Don't kill the messenger. Mike is simply telling you what your problem is. The current board is a failure. An outside director would give the association someone experienced in running a SUCCESSFUL association. The real battle that must be won is getting control of the supply chain and the advertising budget. You're no closer to that goal than the TSFA ever was. Why not think outside the Q?

Mikey is a Legend

In his own mind. Hey Mike, it's what you learn after you "know it all" that counts.

Smashburger was funded by

Smashburger was funded by Quiznos withdrawals. The new concept he is currently developing is rumored to be another sub/sandwich chain!

Glad to hear you were honest

Glad to hear you were honest enough to see what was happening and willing to take one on the chin in not being a participate in this obvious fraud. I say, "Thank you"!!!

Your willingness to go tit

Your willingness to go tit for tat degrades any illusion of intelligence!

RichardSolomon's picture

Isn't Schaden's new operation Smashburger?

Think of what those poor devils have to look forward to.

Little Better Than Dick Schaden

Reading the about section on the association website one would have to wonder how the association leadership got themselves in this mess. Pretty impressive bios. But for former owners who spent the 200k to build out a restaurant it's easy to figure out. These multi-restaurant owners got their restaurants from the original owners who were financially ruined by q and either sold out for pennies on the dollar or simply walked away. The former owners were "bad operators". The current owners are smart, "good operators" - just ask them or read their bios. So NOW we know that it's the system because THEY can't make their Q's profitable so the system needs to be changed. Meanwhile they're working with Dick's management team and dealing with a hedgefund operator who knows nothing about operating restaurants but everything about squeezing the last little bit out of failing entities. So they aren't really smart operators? Nope. That's the bad news. The good new is I saw recently that Dick Schaden was planning to start a new restaurant chain. Maybe these "smart operators" will have better luck the second go round with Dick.

michael webster's picture

The Q Association

Guest writes: "Just a bunch of volunteer owners now heading up the association. Did you honestly think some guy who has no skin in the game would get a seat at any meeting. Where do you come off knowing how this association works?"

1.  Yes, a franchisee association needs an executive director who isn't a franchisee.

2.  I don't know how your association works.  I do know how it well end.

Larry Likeables

If there were more people like you; corporate greed and unsound business practices would not succeed. There always has to be a "class" of people who will buy into screwing others in order to maintain their lifestyle. I don't care if you are the administrative assistant at Quiznos or part of the help desk team. You and everyone above you knows that corporate is screwing franchise owners. You guys and gals simply look the other way in order to keep your job. Sad! What goes around, comes around. Schaden had his day. Corporate employees will have theirs. Avenue Capital group will have theirs also.

Mike still doesn't get it

No Mike. Steve Bawden doesn't have any involvement with any decisions being made. Just a name thrown out in the beginning. "Interim" was a long time ago. Just a bunch of volunteer owners now heading up the association. Did you honestly think some guy who has no skin in the game would get a seat at any meeting. Where do you come off knowing how this association works?


Seid was never a hairdresser.

You mean glassdoor

kudos on your store above on look on the inside of that company. Though I think you meant the website "Glassdoor". A website for posting anonymously after one leaves on how a company is.
Greg McDonald has a 44% rating on that site ouch.........
also on another note Quiznos just announced they are expanding in India to open 150 stores. How is this possible when the stores in North America are failing?

and here is the article:

End of the world as we know it. R.E.M. - for Quiznos

I can see it now at the corp; Papers flying everywhere people yelling gibberish running up and down the halls. People throwing paper at each other in the cubicles rolling around in their office chairs, in general just freaking out about what is going on and what is happening with the music "It's the end of the world as we know it" by R.E.M. blaring through the Schaden P.A. system. Why? not that they care about the franchises, they think of them as pawns. They are worried if the company goes under and it will, how will it look on the resume. I know, because it happened to me in 2008.
I left Quiznos Corporation (posted it on "Looking Glass" how nasty the company is) in 2008 after I was disgusted how bad the company really was. Sure I was just out of college and there were and still possibly quite a lot of older generation people in that company. I remember going around the country with quite a few ROMs (Regional Operations Managers) making round to see what the stores were doing and how they were doing, and to supposedly assist with food costs and just check on the stores in general. I was appalled at how many ROMs were concerned with where they were staying, if it had a bar, and if there was a strip club and or a casino near by. Now don't get me wrong, not all of them were like that, but it felt like half at least.
I also remember the ROMs telling us to get our "game face" on basically look sad, and act like we feel for the store owners when we go in, and then after we leave the store we throw the clip board in the back seat and just go on visiting another store without any concern about getting back to the store owners for anything. It was tough for me to digest that these people poured there lives into these stores and their retirements and we were treating them like this. That is why I quit in 2008. One month notice and quit. no job lined up or anything. I was job less for almost a year, but this isn't about me, it is about the poor store owners, the real bread makers and winners. I may have lost a year in pay, but look at what these store owners lost. Their pride, dignity, hours and countless hours of labor, mockery from the general public in the area labeled as failures, poor credit because they went under, 2nd mortgages on their homes, countless jobs they quit to own and run a store that make nothing. The homes they lost. Their livelihoods, the retirements, 401ks. I heard you. I heard every single one of you. Loud and clear. I just felt I was too new in the company to be able to make a change, and many were too afraid or saying something. I remember one ROM after we left a store saying "And that is why I don't own a Quiznos". This was after about 8 hours of taking a beating in a large metro city area of 8 hours of hearing sad story after a next. We only had the horror for 8 hours on just that day, but what about the owners of those stores? They have those horror stories day in day out every single day. When the store goes under, they would just blame the owners and say "It was ran poorly", "They didn't LSM", "They didn't take coupons", "Meat wasn't to spec" any and every excuse except to blame ourselves and or the corporation.
I applied and applied for quite sometime in and all over Colorado to hopefully get on board with another restaurant group, but Quiznos has left a bad taste in all of Colorado. Many people interviewing if I even got an interview would ask "Why is Quiznos driven to the ground?" "Are you part of the problem?" "Why should we hire you, when you were part of the worst franchisors in history?" I ended up leaving, and moving to Dallas, where franchising and quite a few franchises are born. I'm okay now, but I still look up Quiznos on the internet, and read all those sad horror stories. I look back at the times and still wonder if they are the same, and obviously it seems the same. I don't think any franchisee deserved what they got and what they still have. None of these store are turning a profit in my opinion except the airport stores. That is the truth from a previous employee of a nasty corporation.
I work for a Corporation now that isn't nasty. They are global, fortune 100, and they do something that Quiznos failed at and knows clearly it can't do that. We run our own restaurants. Globally. similar to YUM, but on a smaller scale, with better ethics, and we treat our store managers unbelievably. I love working for them, but I still think of the horrors of working for Quiznos Corporation.

michael webster's picture

No Staff?

From your association's website:


In July 2011, the board retained Steve Bawden of Big River Associates to lead the organization as interim executive director. The board also selected AMR Management Services to provide association and financial management support for the organization. QZFA is headquartered at AMR's office in Chesterfield, Mo., a western suburb of St. Louis.

Really Mike

We don't have a paid executive director. What are you talking about?

michael webster's picture

Vendor Programs

Guest complains: "Show us how to set up a vendor program when corporate won't let us anywhere near the vendors or supply chain distribution system. This is tightly held and corporate isn't going to let the association any near this."

1.  This is why you have a paid executive director - to find vendors outside the franchisor controlled supply chain, which nonetheless impact your bottom line.  I would be happy to discuss how to do this with your executive director.

2.  You still have the power as an association to recommend or not the purchase of a franchise.  This is great bargaining power when used correctly.

Wrong Michael

Come on board Mike. Show us how to set up a vendor program when corporate won't let us anywhere near the vendors or supply chain distribution system. This is tightly held and corporate isn't going to let the association any near this. Also the class action settlement is long gone. The money has already been paid out (what little there was)

michael webster's picture

Coordination and Group Benefits

The Quiznos association is making the same mistake all new franchisee associations make: begging for new membership instead of having vendor programs which makes sense for the number of  owner/operators that they already have as members.  They run the risk of imploding in 2 years when the class action settlement moneis run out.

Quiznos MacDonald and Michael Seid connection

One interesting trivia fact from franchisorland: Both Michael Seid (MSA Worlwide, franchisor hired gun) and Greg MacDonald (lightweight CEO of Quiznos, at least for awhile) are both former hairdressers.

One of the indicators about a indivdual's credibility is where they are from. Unless Michael and Greg grew up with very creative tastes, they are both serial franchisor processor manupulators.

I won't disagree with you on

I won't disagree with you on Greg MacDonald...what do you expect from a hairdresser turn CEO! However, I will disagree with you in regards to your angle on pricing strategies in the Quiznos system. The whole problem on that regard began when Q started to chase Subway and went tit for tat on the whole $5 price point in the first place. It is a move that never should have happened. I don't know how long you have been in this system, but we were a hell of a lot better off before that move ever happened. Just in case you were wondering...I got in back in 2002, but I will exit after this year is up! The price move was just another tactic for Q to sell more over priced food to its franchisees.

Value Gone

I hate to admit it but when Quiznos raised the price of the $5.00 large to $5.99 (20% increase) customers by the droves said "no thanks". Greg MacDonalds price elasticity study is absurd. He thinks he knows the pulse of a Quiznos customer. He is totally out of touch because the Quiznos customer has no pulse. They are gone.

But Greg is self-absorbed with himself and has all the answers. He'll roll out something new to piss off what loyal customers we have left. He'll blame franchise owners for declining sales. He'll blame the economy. He'll blame the heat wave. He'll point the finger at anyone or anything that takes the attention off him. Pretty much like Obama.

BTE is a total failure

Our store was grossing 9-11k a week easily here in Charlotte Carolina. We were forced to convert to BTE with New Orleans, the Southwest region, and some other areas. Q Corp kept toting that "due to in climate weather your sales are slow." "All the other regions are doing great!". What if you've been in the system seven years and actually know many people in other areas!? That is what exactly happened. I am lucky to hit 5k in sales now. I have been forced to reduce employment and work day and night including weekends again.
I called owners in many states and kept contact with them until now and still due and sales were completely driven down after the BTE conversion. Many owners I cannot contact because they are no longer open. Sure the new menu is great no doubt, but you don't see Mc.Donalds changing the Big Mac do you? Or Wendy's changing their square meat patties? Or how about the Whopper from Burger King. Customers come in smile order than leave. We never see them again. Can't be the customer service, or cleanliness because the last three secret customer service visits have been 97% and above. Can't be the Q-ways because I've received a minimum of 98% on those. What Q Corp doesn't understand is that the customers are coming in and leaving to only never return. They may return, if obviously with coupon in hand. Other than that nothing.
When I attend local charitable organizations and other places of business I mention I own a Quiznos. Many people and attendees joke with me that the only time they visit is when they have a coupon because I am "sooo expensive".
I've contacted the corporation numerous times this week of July in hopes receiving help with no such luck. Instead, many are enjoying a week long vacation for 4th of July while I slave it away on the 4th being couponed to death because they release a whole slew of coupons in which must be redeemed quickly or else.
Only a matter of time before I close. Even the Charlotte Bobcats can't save me now.

Quiznos Goes Bust....Again

Look for bankruptcy this go around. Same management in place with the same dismal results. God forbid going outside the company to recruit talent to turn this turd around. If Quiznos was a publically traded company, this group would have been long gone.

J.C. Penney ousted it's president after 8 months on the job. If this same guy worked for Quiznos; he could look forward to a golden parachute and gold pocket watch at retirement. Results? Hell results don't matter. What matters is how much you can squeeze from franchise owners wallets. Franchise owner profitability is of no concern for these greedy fat cats.

Take a chain of over 5000 stores and close 3000 of them. Who cares about those 3000 owners. They were all bad operators.

As a former (sucessful)

As a former (sucessful) owner, I only have 1 comment - the individuals that continue to remain employed by the Quiznos Corporate machine, after being part of there continuous raping of their business "partners", should be ashmaed of themselves. That includes ALL of them, including the staff that would like you to believe they care!


With BTE becoming WTF? the chains name will charge from Quiznos to COUPONS.

Quiznos Demise

One would think new ownership would get franchisees on solid ground first and then work on getting a return on their investment second. Nope. Greed takes care of itself first without regard to long term consequences. Same store sales will continue to plummet and there will continue to be massive store closures in the future. It's Groundhog Day (the movie) everyday at Quiznos. The same people in charge will repeat the same mistakes over and over again and learn nothing from them. It's a complete fiasco.

Q's Fate Predictable

The Wall Street Fat Cat took Dick's revenue scheme and made it financially viable again by getting the debt holders to forgive millions in exchange for keeping Q out of bankruptcy. Now he's getting the kickbacks and profits from sales to franchisees rather than Dick and has no real reason to institute meaningful changes to the system. I feel bad for the mom and pops who bought in with their life savings and face ruin. I have no sympathy for the Qtards who worked for and with Dick, bought out "bad operators" for pennies on the dollar to create multi-restaurant chains, and are now facing ruin. Those parasites are getting what they deserve.

Barbara Jorgensen's picture

The problem is greed.

We all know who started Quiznos.  He does not care about his zees.  He only cares about taking as much $$$ from the people who worked hard all their lives to invest in something that would make their lives better.  The problem is many do not know how the mind of Quiznos corp. works.  Their into getting people to buy into their system, and screw them financially.  They do not care about their zees.   

Ed Teixeira's picture


I can't fathom how a franchisor can allow a system to be so messed up. I recall a Quiznos franchisee contacting me about 5 years ago. He was looking to sell in order to salvage some small portion of his investment. The deeper I got into his situation the more biased I became toward a franchisor with a flawed system that sold franchisees like they were going out of style. Looks like they still don't get it.

This is the last straw for

This is the last straw for even those that had hope left after so many let downs. Stores will continue to close as sales further diminish and costs continue to rise. Closures will accelerate as leases wind up and mortgage terms end for those willing to sweat it out in order to preserve their self image. What else could be suspected of the new owner after the fact that current management remained after the takeover! Its a hack job, a smash and grab if you will. Truly sad for those involved...we have been through enough with Trick Dick, now we have to deal with the real thugs of Wall Street!

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