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Richard Adams's picture

 I've been asked to compare a

 I've been asked to compare a McDonald's advertising cooperative (Co-Op) to an independent franchisee association such as AKFCF or DDIFO. In truth there is no comparison. A McDonald's Co-Op functions solely to customize their local advertising and public relations to fit under the umbrella of the national advertising program and to manage the local advertising fund. The hard working franchisees who run a local advertising Co-Op would have no influence on the direction or policies of McDonald's Corporation. 

Granville_Bean's picture

half way in between

Yes, a McD co-op runs their regional promotions with their ad agency.

HOWEVER: A co-op CAN decide not to support or participate in a corporate initiative. If not enough co-ops agree to align, Corp will not be able to go forward. Things wouldn't get so far that Corp would't know until too late.  Corp meets regularly with all the co-ops and would know not to go forward if they were not getting support.  (They will try awfully hard to pitch their program though.) 

Richard Adams's picture

That lack of alignment does

That lack of alignment does stop or retard some smaller promotional ideas and some crazy dee-discounting ideas out of corporate but it doesn't appear to influence major initiatives like Made For You, espresso drinks, or the Major Remodel Program.