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McDonald's Best for Value, Service, Customers Say

A recent survey of American restaurant patrons shows that when it comes to what factors influence which quick-service restaurants get visited the most, value is tops (58%), then convenience (57%), low prices (53%) and fast service (51%). Great taste comes in at a low number eight, according to Consumer Edge Insight. McDonald's was number one in value, "very convenient locations" and fast service.

“For quick-service restaurant patrons the most important factors that drive loyalty to a brand are good value and convenience, with low prices and quick-service being very important as well,” said David Decker, President, Consumer Edge Insight.  “McDonald’s has a clear image lead on all of these factors, with Subway consistently being the 2nd-best performing brand and Burger King and Wendy’s also performing well.

Past-three-month-visitors of each brand were asked in the same survey whether they planned to return. While 64% of McDonald's said they were "extremely likely" to visit again, Subway (68%) and Chick-fil-A (67%) did better among their past-three-month customers.

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