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Pastor's Note to Waitress

"I give to God 10%. Why do you get 18?"

Why? Because, my dear pastor,YOU are doing God's work for Him. . . while this poor waitress is having to do her own.

Pastor doesn't stiff waitress; Her waitress doesn't post receipt

National Public Radio gives more detail into this Applebee's tipping affair in St. Louis:

Pastor Alois Bell and nine others stopped by Applebee's after a church service. Because of the size of the party, 18 percent was automatically added to the check. Bell paid the bill but wrote a zero on the additional tip line and scribbled, I give God 10 percent. Why you get 18? She also signed her name, with the title pastor added in front. Another waitress who was not serving Bell snapped a photo of the receipt and then posted it online with the caption, I'm sure Jesus will pay for my rent and groceries. That post went instantly, almost instantly viral. It garnered thousands of comments from different websites and some pretty virulent attacks on Pastor Bell. Bell called Applebee's to complain and the company fired the waitress who'd posted the receipt. The reason giving, for the firing, was a violation of customer privacy since Bell's signature was visible on the receipt. an interview with the local TV in St. Louis, Bell said, that's the pastor, she did leave a cash tip and the automatic gratuity was charged to her credit card as well. So there was no question of stiffing the waitress. The pastor apologized for leaving the note, saying it was a lapse in judgment.