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Granville_Bean's picture

yeah, maybe you should....

Pretty much any time a QSR launches a new product, there is employee training in the "build" of that SPECIFIC product. The whole point of a NEW product is that there is something different about it. Typically they make some for practice. I'm not in the taco business so don't know what their training procedures are for this product and why they'd have a stack of training product left at the end, but it's at least a semi-plausible scenario.

Could be shells that have been repeatedly handled during training, or the unused balance of a sleeve of shells if the training was before the actual product launch.  Then you don't want the wrong ingredient on the line for a product that you're not selling yet. Whatever.

Bob Frankman's picture

Young workers

Ah young, new workers. Fast food eateries can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em.

The youngster learned the hard way that you can't play around when it comes to food health and safety.

Darnelle White's picture

Handling of new shells do indeed need training

Yes. We do buy it.

If you've been to a Taco Bell recently, you'll see that the new Dorito Cool and Nacho taco shells crumble very easily. In fact, these shells, unlike the old ones, are bundled in a cardboard wrap for protection. The new shells must be handled with extra tender loving care.

Taco Bell

I am sorry, they have to send taco shells to taco bell to launch a new product that they need to use to learn how to make a taco? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Anyone else buying it?

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