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Favorite franchise buying books

Franchising for Dummies by Michael Seid is not a bad primer for those looking at the basics of buying a franchise. Since I reviewed the book in 2006, the genre of franchise buying advice grows more competitive each year. That's probably because franchise sellers (brokers/consultants) like to write books instructing buyers (their clients?) how best to buy franchises. Having a book adds to their credibility as broker and a consultant so expect to see more.

These "buying advice" books that I've read are my favorites that come immediately to mind.

  1. The Educated Franchisee by Rick Bisio
  2. The Franchise Buyers Manual by Ed Teixeira
  3. Tips and Traps When Buying a Franchise by Mary Tomzack
  4. Franchise Times Guide to Selecting, Buying & Owning a Franchise by Julie Bennett

The first three are short and sweet. At nearly 400 pages, the last book is written by a reporter Bennett who quotes many sources. It even provides an 85 page directory of franchising companies, number of units, minimum investment as of 2008.

What advice book for buying a franchise is your favorite? Why?

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Other well regarded books that cover franchise regulation

There is a good scholarly books that is often cited inside the covers of my top six books on franchise regulation. 

  • The Economics of Franchising by Professors Roger D. Blair and Francis LaFontaine. This book provides much needed empirical data on franchising. It describes franchising as way around corporate vertical integration. It mentions the built-in relational tensions of the model between franchisor and franchisee. Many industry myths are dispelled by these two scholars.

There is also a good primer for attorneys coming into franchising.

  • The Fundamentals of Franchising, 3rd Edition, by attorneys Rupert Barkoff and Andrew Selden. This is a book to help attorneys and even non-attorneys understand the fundamentals of franchise law. It alerts the inquisitive mind on the legalities of franchising on relationship, disclosure , trademark law and even items to keep in mind when counseling franchisees.

I haven't read these in their entirety so these two are not yet reviewed by me. I will say that scholars cite these volumes frequently.

If there is an expert who has gone through these books in its entirety, please post a book review on it in Blue MauMau's book review section. If anyone has another book of the law and franchise regulation, I hope you will post a review in Blue MauMau's book review section.

Books on regulation vs other things

Franchising for Dummies is not a book on what legal code is best for franchises. It is not meant to debate tort reform. It is simply an introduction to buyers on things like, what is a franchise or an area developer. Its weakness is that it is only a primer for buyers and that it passes on unchallenged franchisor mythology as if it were the gospel truth.

As for me, I'm wondering why my favorite book, America's Secret Recipes: Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes at Home, was left out of this list for regulators and lawmakers. Don't lawmakers also want to make a KFC-like fried chicken at home or a Wendy's burger like the rest of us?

Franchising for Dummies

How can you leave out Franchising for Dummies?

Michael Seid wrote that book with Dave Thomas of Wendy's.

Michael Seid is on the Board of Directors of the IFA. He basically believes everyone in franchising is a dummy but himself.