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Dunkin Donuts charities

They are many, but a few of the biggest recipients are The Jimmy Fund (Dana Farber cancer institute), many, many food banks, extended library hours where manyncommunities cannot fund them, veterans and military family support, support of active duty military overseas, numerous children's hospitals, and of course the local little leagues, athletic fields, boys & girls clubs, pools and playgrounds iin poor communities hat wouldn't otherwise have them, and local festivals and arts events.

Giving hotels

Hotels have a perception of opulence so to strengthen that weakness in perception, hotel brands should donate to charities that house and feed the poor.

Donate to places that compliment your perceived weakness

For a brand, you want to donate to a charity that compliments (strengthens) your weakness. An oil company should donate to wilderness preservation groups. A burger chain should donate to health relief.

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Who do QSRs donate to? Hotels?

Every once in a while I am asked by national QSR association leaders for recommendations on charities to donate to. Can anyone help name a few? Here's a few that come to mind.

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities (McDonald's Corp)
  • McLamore Foundation (Burger King)
  • UNICEF (various)

How about hotel owners?

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Where a brand gives

Franchise owners, their groups and their brand donate to charity all the time. Franchise owners donate locally. And even where they do not, franchise owner advisory boards collectively often will give suggestions to franchisor marketing executives on what charity to give to.

For example, there's Ronald McDonald House Charities that raise funds for children. McDonald's franchise owner-operators have their organizations too, like the McDonald's Hispanic Owners Association, which donates generously to charities. The National Black McDonald's Operators Association has a hospitality scholars program, where restaurant owners generously award scholarships to restaurant/hospitality management students at historically black universities.

Besides these, there are also national independent franchise operator associations of various brands that give.

I have to admit that when I give to charity, it frankly is a personal brand statement from me on what I'm all about and what I think is important. But brands have their own dynamics. There are so very many opportunities for a brand to give. Which one boosts a brand's statement and which doesn't?

Passikoff and Shea brings up great points to consider for marketers and executives (be they franchisor staff or franchise owner).