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Franchisees charging workers for visas

7-Eleven workers paid franchisee owners up to $70k for visa, inquiry told

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7-Eleven still hot

“The US arm of the company, 7-Eleven Inc, has recently faced accusations of deliberately "churning" franchisees in order to reap more fees.

Last year 1200 former 7-Eleven franchisees launched legal action against 7-Eleven Inc, alleging they had lost their franchises unfairly and were victims of the company's churn policy.

7-Eleven Inc has not responded to inquiries regarding legal action against the company.

7-Eleven has been rocked by revelations the company's head office in Australia has been complicit in a major cover-up of exploitation of workers at the chain's stores.

A joint media investigation by Four Corners and BusinessDay revealed 69 per cent of stores reviewed in a four week period between July and August this year were not paying staff properly.

The investigation also uncovered evidence of the financial plight of over a third of 7-Eleven's stores in Australia, forcing the company to extend income support to any stores that earn $310,000 or less a year in gross income – or a third of the company's entire network of stores.”


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7-Eleven slavery

There is a shorter version of the 7-Eleven recruitment scam HERE