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.600 batting average qualifies FMS for Cheaters Hall of Fame

"he is almost batting .600"

Wow! Ty Cobb would marvel at a .600 batting average. Can we elect Franchise Marketing Systems and its cohorts to the franchising cheaters' Hall of Fame? Pete Rose would be proud.

Count 'em

"Lastly, the Commissioner agreed that she would not bring actions against Conner for violations of the California Franchise Investment Law, arising from his involvement with the franchise registration applications submitted to the California DBO prior to the Commissioner's issuance of yesterday's citation by the following applicants: EZ Plans Franchising, Inc.; Faranak Dorafshar, LLC; Hot Fries, LLC; KEP Fortune, LLC; SD Franchising, LLC; and Star Nursing Partners, LLC."

Looks like at least six above, plus Tomii, plus RedRhino, plus Restoration 1. According to Sparks, he said he has 16 clients. So with nine legal actions, he is almost batting .600. Of course, who knows whether this story is over?

Spawn of Borian

There are dubious franchise sales outsource and franchise consulting/advisory firms out there.

How many more startup franchisors has Conner messed up?

"Conner agrees that nothing in the stipulation precludes the Commissioner from assisting in other investigations and/or actions brought by any other federal, state, or local agency. Nor will it preclude her from referring the matter to any of those other agencies, nor prevent those agencies to perform their duties."

Uh oh. It sounds like California expects other franchisors that Conner has helped to have also been naughty. Time will tell.

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