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Firehouse Subs Franchise

Sad state of affairs is true.     Despicable behavior ....GREAT INVESTMENT for sure.

Just a “slap on the wrist” as you stated by Federal authorities (TRADEMARK OFFICE, FTC, OED, Etc) or they simply turned a blind eye toward Firehouse Subs, (Chris and Robin Sorensen's lawlessness)...because of there “Multi-Million Dollar Score".     It is the golden rule these days...he who owns the gold...rules.

Yet there is an end game in the future for the Country because of this unethical (lawless) behavior going-on all around.   

BUT...who cares it is all about the $$$ right???  Not about the people, integrity or rule of law.  

Good luck on your investments my friend.

Firehouse Subs is a great brand to invest in

What a great deal! They can violate this and get only a slap on the wrist for a multi-million dollar score!!!

Where can I learn more about investing in Firehouse Subs?