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Its unfortunate !

It's unfortunate that Jared became involved with the Higher-ups in the Subway / DAI organization. I'm sure he experienced the sexual perversion of some of the key individuals and with his new wealth, had more opportuniities to act out.
My understanding and experience is that there is a sub-culture of sexual perversion with certain key individuals nationwide. I personally know of an individual being asked by a Subway Development Agent, at a national meeting, to join him and his wife in a threesome. I have heard of business opportunities given for sexual favors. It seems that sexual perversion was taking place within the Subway/DAI organization, so why would Jared's actios concern them.
In many ways, Subway/DAI is an EVIL organization !

Moody never worked for Subway

If the franchisor had not taken over Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, Subway could have easily have distanced itself from the legal claim by Fogle's ex-wife. After all, Jeff Moody was never an employee of Subway (Doctor's Associates Inc. dba Subway and Franchise World Headquarters).

No comments??

I would think even if the MSM does little with this news, that the franchisees of this brand should be incensed - through in-action, their brand that they pay royalties on was devalued and a criminal was allowed to continue in his sick pursuits of hurting / damaging the lives of children for several additional years. Where are all the lawyers on these boards?

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