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Congratulations Tom Ryan – New CEO of Smashburger!!!

Welcome to the Revolving CEO Door!!

Quite an auspicious start – on your first day on the job you choose to fire almost a third of the Smashburger corporate staff – 30 people in total!!! Oh, and we should not forget to tally the 5 unfortunate members of the marketing team that you fired this past June.
Quite a horrific start to what will likely be a very short stint as CEO. Wow – you truly are a Schaden protégé!!!

Smashburger’s abysmal results over the past year certainly are a testament to your prowess in your prior role as Chief Brand Officer. Oh wait, we wonder if firing virtually the entire marketing team over the past six months had any impact on the results!!

Those of us “left” to run this sinking ship want to make sure you know that we think you are nothing more than a “tool” of Rick Schaden’s. What will Rick have you do for an encore? Fire another 30 staffers? Close a bunch of restaurants? Screw over more Franchisees?

No coincidence that our last CEO was booted the day before the massive layoffs were announced! We applaud his refusal to support the Schaden’s slash and burn business strategy. It probably cost him the job. But no such obstacles with Tom Ryan at the helm!!

We now expect to watch Smashburger self-destruct in exactly the same manner as Quizno’s. All under the mad dictatorship of Rick Schaden. You should know the Quizno’s story well – as you played a major role in that fiasco!!!

Each of us now find ourselves stuck in a horrible job we no longer want, taking orders from leadership we no longer trust, and working for an owner that we actually detest!!

And we harbor no illusions – those of us left will likely get whacked in the next round of lay-offs!!! Team Smashburger has been totally decimated – and once again done solely in the name of uncontrolled greed!

Rest assured that we all have our resumes out on the street. We cannot exit quickly enough from the stench of deceit, mistrust, and futility that now permeates Smashburger. And we can only wonder what Jollibee thinks of the mess they have walked into!!

The Smash Resistance – Rise Up and Take a Stand!!

Isn't it about time for folks from Jollibee's to step in?

Don't they own 40% of Smashburger's equity? They are huge in Asia - over 3,000 locations and will probably soon be breaking 100 in the US.

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