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Supply chain, zee migraine

The Quiznos franchisees seem like a trusting bunch. It looks like they are trusting the new owners of the franchisor to bring down product costs, even though they've been stung on this so many times. It can be argued that franchisees should set up a company to handle all purchasing and distribution like Subway, DQ or Dunkin'. But Quizons franchisees aren't even insisting that their big settlement of their lawsuit is enforced. The settlement that was made before the bankruptcy required the franchisor to have annual supply chain audits by a disinterested third-party auditor. The results are supposed to be shared with all franchisees.


Once bit, twice shy and verify -- but with Quiznos franchisees, once bit  trust the new nice guys more and deny.

Supply chain?

Who handles their purchasing and distribution? Considering how that area went down at Quizno's just wondering if history is repeating itself?

No compassion

Mr. Schafer owns a famous ranch in Colorado. A few months ago he terminated the manager and manager trainee. He gave them 9 days to vacate the property. 2 families lost not only their jobs but also their homes and insurance. If they had quit I'm sure he would have expected a 30day notice.

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