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Thanks for the clarification

I actually thought he was using satire to further exaggerate what he assumed was fictional on our end. I read into the "gigantic clues" as Mr. Quick bringing attention to the ridiculousness of our story. Thanks for clarifying that it was just pure satire. I apologize for any negativity brought about by my post.



Mr Quick is a long time member of BMM. His postings are purely satirical. I know that sometimes there is a loss in translation when someone is sarcastic in print - but I must say that you missed some gigantic clues here.

Always check your facts before commenting, never assume!

Mr. Quick, I am Darren Kraemer, one of the victims mentioned in the article Janet wrote. If you had spent any time looking up SnoWorld in Houma and Rocky McMillian on facebook and social media, you would see the reality you are claiming doesn't exist. I and my family lost everything as a result of Rocky McMillian(though Francorp failed to provide service for the $50K I paid them, at Rocky's high demand sales pitch, it is Rocky who is the majority blame for my business failing) and SnoWorld lost a lot of money from both Rocky and Francorp for services not performed. Also, I can provide you with the contact information of the local detective handling the criminal side of my case(against Rocky) if you would like. This was a devastating circumstance to me and my family and I do not appreciate someone actually demeaning my tragedy when you never even took the time to research and check out the facts. Shame on you sir!

Darren Kraemer

Millionaire Richard Quick Esq's picture

More Fake News from Fake Website

Well the fake lying liberal media hacks have once again started up their hate machine and pointed it at my good friend and colleague Don Bolognian.  I've instructed the chef to have a couple of native boys spear a few Blue Mau Mau, so while they're being grilled let me call BS on this latest attack on an inspirational job creator.

First off, SnoWorld?  You really expect us to believe this is a real business?  

Rocky P.  McMillian?  Best you could come up with?  Why not add Boris & Natasha as co-plaintiffs?

If you want people to believe your fake news, get a little less creative with the names.

And Einhorn?  Sounds like the thing I use when I put on my goatskin Testoni loafers.  And he's a partner in Zarco, Einhorn, Blah, Blah & Blah?  Frankly, I prefer lawyers whose names don't come second.

Janet Sparks attacks Don Targarian with the verocity of a jilted lover.  Get over it girl.  There are lots of fish in the franchise consultant sea.  CS is like DB but younger and quite the gentleman.

Janet should retract the blatant lie about Don Blarnarian being an inmate at Duluth Correctional.  He was on an ongoing IFA recruitment initiative that has yielded some of our finest franchise salesmen, brokers and con-sultants.  It will be featured in the upcoming Christopher James Connor story on Lifetime.

no more fake news from fake people!  Let's make franchising great again!

Richard Quick, Esq.

Quick, Duck & Hyde, Attorneys at Law


When you first get close to it- It's the immense size and scope that strikes you. It looks like it goes on forever, and all the ghosts and horrors seem to take on a new meaning when your outside the gate.

As they say in the Bayou- Ain't nowhere like Angola.

Boroian is compelling tragic figure-but guess what ?

At 17544 Tunica Trace - Angola State Penitentary- compelling and tragic fits right in.

In life- there is never enough time unless your serving it.

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