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You aren't necessarily wrong - you're just being narcissistic.

Like I said, I don't feel you weren't making a valid overall point about the relative unfairness of treating franchisees differently than independent businesses. I just think you were overlooking the relative lack of importance to Joe Sixpack Voter of the issue being discussed. Legislators don't get enough pelf from the IFA to prioritize franchisees' hiring preferences over the public image boost they'll get by coming out in favor of higher wages for the aforementioned Joe Sixpack Voter. People in the industry (like you or me) care and can even see that the policy is objectively discriminatory without any real justification, but I believe we're fooling ourselves to generally expect other people to do the same. It's like yelling into a shoebox when you're mad.

Also, on a bit of a sidenote, I'd respectfully offer that "dumping the burdens of society on a subset of society" is kind of the point to having a society in the first place; it's why we have tax brackets. Personally, I don't mind having less take-home income if it means that I don't have to live in a gated community or step over homeless people on my way to the office. If you don't want to take part, I suppose you're welcome to move to a more libertarian nation - I hear Somalia is nice this time of year.

Who will pay your bills, "buddy"

It's all about me when I pay my taxes, though, isn't it? Or will the government make another business owner pay his taxes and mine, too?

Gee. I kinda like that.mdumping the burdens of society on a subset of society just because. As long as it is somebody else who gets hurt, of course. I get it.

Self-centered much?

I was with you until the political commentary. Yeah, I totally remember how the "franchisees have to pay employees more" issue was a real hot-button issue during the election...oh, wait, that's right, nobody who wasn't directly affected cared. It's not all about you, buddy.

Franchise hiring lags because of labor costs

Jurisdictions in heavily populated areas like New York, San Francisco, Seattle and others have enacted laws that require franchisees to pay a higher minimum wage than non-franchised businesses. This was the inevitable result. Less work at the higher cost.

Will these mush headed legislators listen? Doubtful, but take heart-it will end up in them losing elections. Ask Hilary.

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