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Les Stewart's picture

Richard: derived from "ric" (ruler) and "hard" (brave)

In a world of uniformity, Richard was an original. His work came to me when I was in a very difficult time. He was a brother and a mensch. All the best to his family.

Boudica Lawson's picture

So Long, And Thanks For All the Fish

I am sad to hear this. Richard will be missed by many. 



Ray J Borradale's picture

RIP Richard

Richard provided and education for many and will be greatly missed. So saddened to hear this news, my thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Like it or not . . .

Richard always called it the way he saw it. Sorry to hear of his passing. I enjoyed the many banters and conversations I had with him through the years.

Keith Miller's picture

Franchisee vs. Franchisor on Funding Their Protection

Don, very nice memorial.  I was intrigued by this quote on franchisees. "One would think that franchisees would organize and build their own political and legal war chest to go out and buy the kind of protection that franchisors get. They won't do that. They demand for free what the franchisor community has paid many millions to get." 

On one hand, that is a huge frustration.  Getting franchisees to properly help fund their own association is a constant challenge.  Franchisees, as a class, are the biggest investor in franchising, yet often the quietest voice.  While franchisees and franchisors often agree, when they do have a difference in opinion, franchisor groups outspend franchisee groups by a wide margin.  This is not do diminish franchisor groups, it’s a compliment that they have evolved to become a powerful special interest group.  However, there is also a big difference.  In an ironic twist, you could argue the money the franchisors invest came from the franchisees by way of royalties and fees.  In addition, when a franchisee gives $10 to their franchisee association, it literally takes $10 out of their pocket.  When a franchisor executive supports a group, like the IFA, they are spending company money, and most likely it has no impact on their paycheck.  This is a big difference and a huge disadvantage for franchisees.  But, it’s time we narrow that gap.  Remember Mr. Solomon’s words, and prove him wrong.  That would bring a smile to his face.

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