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Their new leader is the most arrogant man on Earth. It will not take long for their 'zees to loathe him.

From an Edible 'zee.

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Craig Tractenberg ethics complaint

I sent an update to The Disciplinary Committee of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania apprising them that

1)  General Counsel Avi Epstein claims that no one at Sterling Partners or School of Rock knew of or authorized Craig Tractenberg's call threatening me, and

2) that Tractenberg's strategy to use bullying and threats may have contributed to or hastened Dzana Homan's departure from School of Rock to pursue "other opportunities." 

4 weeks after Craig Tractenberg's unethical and possibly illegal threatening phone call - which he made either with or without Dzana Homan's approval - Dzana Homan was no longer employed by School of Rock and Craig Tractenberg is facing an ethics complaint.