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Not a Dead Brand Walking

Someone gets a flu and you shout dead man walking.

Huddle House has lost 3 percent or less of its outlets a year. That's hardly the end of the world. It has a slim EBITDA margin in its franchised restaurants. But that is compared to what? Can you give me the franchise-level EBITDA margin for IHOP, Denny's or Waffle House? No. We just don't have anything to compare to make a judgment that the system is in serious trouble.

Dead Brand Walking...

Surprised that they have hung in there this long. Feel bad for the franchisees.

These are terrible numbers

Huddle House operates 24 hours a day.

This is bad.

Darnelle White's picture

Kudos to Huddle House / Sentinel for franchise-level EBITDA

Huddle House should be given a big round of applause for being one of the first restaurant chains to give franchise-level operating profit and cash flow by disclosing franchise EBITDA margins.

Kudos to them!

Huddle House

EBITDA margins around 7 percent for the middle bulge of franchised Huddle House restaurants seem pretty low. Those under the new model don't seem so hot either. I take it that its franchises are in a tough business, in a tougher segment, under an even tougher brand.

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