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Save Local Business Act? How misleading

Save Local Business Act? How misleading. More like Screw Local Business and Save the Big National Franchisor Act. No wonder the International Franchise(r) Association loves it.

In modernity, employee liability should be walled off not shared

So what if a waste disposal employee that an agency hired to work for Browning-Ferris for a time is subject to the same employment policies as Browning-Ferris employees. That shouldn't mean that Browning-Ferris be ruled a joint-employer. That was a wrong ruling by the NLRB that should be reversed.

So what if a temporary employee hired by the employment agency to work for Browning-Ferris attends Browning-Ferris company meetings and training sessions. That should not mean Browning-Ferris be held as a joint-employer and have liability for the contracted employee should the employee do something wrong, even if the temp agency employee followed Browning-Ferris' handbook exactly but Browning's handbook was wrong. After all, he technically is the employee of the temp agency, not Browning. Browning Ferris Industries should not be liable.

So what if the temp agency employee participates in the same 401k and health benefit plan as Browning's. That shouldn't make Browning-Ferris a joint employer, even though the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that it should.

Likewise, if a franchisor tells a franchisee which of the franchisee's employees to fire because the franchisor thinks the employee has hurt the brand by participating in a collective demonstration against it for a higher minimum wage, the franchisor should not be held liable for the unlawful termination as a joint employer. The franchisee should solely carry that liability. Changing the terms of what is a joint employer to those tougher new standards is unfair. It's un-American.

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