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Noun: blog (plural blogs). Personal or corporate website in which the author writes, as their knowledge on a given subject evolves, their observations, research, opinions, insights, etc., so as to make them public, often receiving reactions and comments.

A blog is short for weblog. Log means "diary" such as a flight log or captain's log. A Weblog is a journal, whether personal or professional, that is maintained on the Internet by one or more regular contributors. According to Hugh Hewitt's book Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World, the first blog was established around 1999 or 2000. By the end of 2006 there were some 12 million active blogs. (According to Pubsub who has since closed)


Franchise blog. The franchise community has been slow in adopting new Internet technology and blog technology. A handful of franchise blog sites have slowly evolved from 2004 to present. Look under Blue MauMau's web resources page to see franchise related blogs.

The Blue MauMau site is the web's franchise community. It has a robust set of blogging tools. Blog entries in Blue MauMau are typically about insights, queries and opinions on buying and running a small business or franchise. Bloggers (a blogger is someone who writes a blog) and participants of forums discuss such topics as buying a franchise, running a franchise unit(s), what mistake they made that almost put them under or what activity really made them successful. These entries are recorded under your logged-in name. A reader can click on your name in your blog and all of your articles will appear. For example, if you wanted to read Don's blog entries, click on his name under any single of his blog entries and a list of his blogs will appear.


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