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Synergy is good. Bundling does make things convenient for the end user if there is synergy from integrating the individual components and that each is excellent in its own right.

Microsoft and Google seem to think that. And I guess, so does FranSynergy.


The Value Meal

Bundling is where it's at! A wise franchisee once said, "I want all the vendors I need, but not 1 more than I need". It takes too much time to manage the vendors.

The entire FranSynergy concept is built around a bundled package of services. It allows us to provide more, for less. We intend to embed a virtual office concept into our package in early '07 that will be a fully integrated solution, complete with email, instant messaging, word processing, spreadsheets, database management, calendars, and any proprietary programs of the franchisor.

It was a franchisor that came up with the "Value Meal". The first bundled solution. You get it all for one low price! The future is all about bundling! But that's just my opinion!

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