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Tried Dominos and they suck!

I put this to the test with 12 people last week for the NFL playoffs. Only 3 out of the 12 thought that Dominos was good. The rest thought Subway was much better. So much for the whole 2-1 thing.

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Domino's v Subway Food Fight

Subway CEO Jeff Moody shoots back a response on the Domino's taste test. According to him, one major flaw in why consumers rank Domino's Philly Cheese Steak as better tasting is that it isn't a traditional tasting cheesesteak. According to Subway's CEO, only its version — "Steak and Cheese" tastes as ordinary as a traditional cheesesteak should.

In getting more scientific, Moody contends publicly that the Domino's study, where consumers think Domino's sandwiches taste better than Subway's subs by a 2:1 margin, had four major flaws (web page has automatic video streaming and audio):

1. Only 3 sandwiches were involved in the study.

2. Moody says comparing Domino's Philly Cheese Steak to Subway's Steak and Cheese is improper, as the Subway sandwich [sic: They obviously mean Domino's] isn't meant to be a substitute for a traditional cheesesteak. Moody offers his company's cheesesteak as the correct contender for cheesesteak comparison.

3. Moody notes that a Subway sandwich is made-to-order: If an independent subject has no control over a customizable sandwich, Moody says it gives Domino's an unfair advantage.

4. Finally, Moody hypothesizes that the Subway sandwiches were likely served cold, rather than immediately after preparation.

You gotta love it. Let the taste wars flame up for the enjoyment of the rest of us who love a lame fight.

Re: Domino's and Subway Start Food Fight

David Brandon is my hero.That's what all zors should do when they receive any form of letter from an attorney. This one really made me laugh. I'm going to send David a nice bouquet from Edible Arrangements.

GOOD FOR YOU DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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