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2013 a new chris morgan scam! is her new scam. Look up the rip off reports and speak up if you are an employee that was not paid or an investor whobought a fraudulent useless business.

The latest gossip

Oooh, terrible. She is evil because she loves her surgeries that make her look younger, rents a condo and as the president of the company answers letters that are addressed as the legal department. She also likes men - older men. Just evil, I say.

Can the high schoolers and hired help stay away? Please. You're making arguments that are actually making we employers sympathetic to Myers.



State of Illinois Department of Securities Charges

Here is the latest information from the IL Department of Securities on this company and Chris Morgan/Carol Myers.

Please go to May 2011 and look up the Fran Span/Healthy Lifestyle Place information.



Here is the ad I responded to last year

A company with the strength and integrity you can rely on.
Immediate need for a seasoned sales/telemarketing professional.

Clear, articulate and confident with sales experience will be keys to success in this dynamic organization.
Will be responsible for cold-calling, explaining and selling to sophisticated prospects.

We have a history of integrity, professionalism and wisdom in serving the financial needs of high-net-worth
investors and professionals.

Our vision and core values encompass adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct as the only
acceptable way of doing business.


• Make outbound calls to sales prospects in target professions to set appointments
• Deliver scripted marketing talk that describes the product and value proposition
• One-two call close
• Gather and maintain accurate, detailed and relevant contact data
• Following up leads, building long term, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with potential and new clients


• Knowledge of sales techniques, cold calling and closing the deal
• Must be able to deliver scripts effectively
• Excellent Oral and written communication skills
• Professional and courteous communication manner
• Must have a fully-equipped home office with high-speed Internet/scanner
• Must have a professional business demeanor
• Ability to pay close attention to detail and ensure accuracy of reports and data
• Minimum of 3 years telemarketing, financial or securities required
• One-two call close


• stable company
• cutting edge product

Virtual Position...Work- Live anywhere.
Permanent Part-time: 30-hour week [Long-term only apply]
• $10 per hour guaranteed
• $16 per hour if you exceed basic quota
Seasoned closers earn $26+ per hour including base, incentives and spiffs

Apply for this great position today!

Send resume and 3-year salary history to attention: Chris Morgan.
Craigslist automated email is not working: please send email to careers(AT) (use "@" instead of AT. So we may receive your application until craigslist responds and fixes this.

•Location: IL
•Compensation: $10 - $16 + per hour base salary + Incentives and Spiffs
•Telecommuting is ok.
•This is a part-time job.
•OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities
•Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
•Please, no phone calls about this job!
•Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Oh No I am just starting to work with Fran Span - Chris & Ted

To the person who left this comment, Oh No I am just starting to work with Fran Span - Chris & Ted,
please contact Mary Lopez and Bob Grogan. Their phone numbers and emails are listed below.

Thank you.

Oh No I am just starting to work with Fran Span - Chris & Ted

I was hired by Chris to help open the Healthy Lifestyle Place in Chicago and then she wanted me to get an area director in my area so we could open one where I live.

We are 1st contacting doctors to get them to sign up for a Public Relations Package, and then we will contact them back to invest in the Centers.

I knew this all sounded too good to be true!

More information about Chris Morgan/Chris Myers

South Beach Franchisees Seek Legal Fees from Francorp,
Posted Fri, 2009/12/11 - 18:00 by Janet Sparks
MIAMI – After winning their case, five South Beach
franchisees are now asking a Miami circuit court to
set an amount to be paid by Donald Boroian and his
firm Francorp as fair compensation for their attorney
fees and costs. The November 3 verdict confirmed
that the franchisees prevailed on every count on
which the jury was asked to deliberate, including
fraud in inducement and concealment, negligent
misrepresentation and omissions, and violations of
state laws. And according to the motion filed by
Robert Zarco, Robert Einhorn and Brian Roller of
Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito on December 1,
their franchisee clients were awarded “every penny they requested.”
As background, Boroian and his firm had devised a scheme to defraud franchisee investors when setting
up a franchise program for client Carol (Meyers) Brothers, who he had a relationship with dating back to
1978. Francorp was accused of acting as Brothers’ business advisor and legal counsel, to assist her in
inducing people to buy franchises in her fraudulent South Beach Franchising program.
When the five franchisees plaintiffs discovered they had been duped into purchasing a bogus franchise
system, they filed their lawsuit. As the Zarco attorneys dug deep into the convoluted program they found
that Francorp and Brothers had built the franchise on lies and deception around the renowned brand name
of “South Beach,” which Brothers had no legal rights to.
But how does the court and franchisees’ attorneys figure out how much they should fairly receive in fees?
In determining the legal fees his firm is entitled to by law, Zarco prefaces his argument with Boroian’s own
testimony. He declared at trial that he spent approximately $500,000.00 in attorneys’ fees defending himself
and his Francorp firm in the case.
Zarco’s motion states that a reasonable fee award is determined under the “federal lodestar approach”
adopted by the Supreme Court of Florida. “The “lodestar” [meaning the guiding factor] approach required a
two step analysis. The first is calculating the time expended in performing the services, multiplied by a
reasonable hourly rate. The second is determining whether the lodestar should be enhanced or reduced
through consideration of certain issues, which he spells out in his motion.
One such factor is that franchisee plaintiffs had to “unearth” the fraudulent scheme of the Francorp coconspiring
defendants, which required the investigation of more than 10,000 documents, depositions and
interviews with more than ten witnesses. They also underwent significant efforts to investigate the
whereabouts of Brothers’ “fabricated attorney,” implemented in the scheme, in order to confirm that he in
fact did not exist.
Home | MyMauMau: Log In / Register | Ask Franny Log In / Register | Dec 17, 2009
South Beach Franchisees Seek Legal Fees from Francorp, Boroian | Blue MauMau Page 1 of 4 12/17/2009
According to their motion, Zarco lawyers also expended significant time and effort to investigate Francorp’s
method of conducting business. Such issues included the engagement in the unauthorized practice of law
and the application of laws of the courts of both Florida and Illinois. Francorp defendants thwarted the
franchisees plaintiffs’ efforts to gather necessary discovery by asserting “attorney-client” privilege, and used
other tactics to stall the litigation, which ultimately lasted four years.
The amount of legal fees is in excess of $360,000, which Zarco states is commensurate with the recovery
and the uniqueness of the legal issues in the case. While it began as a partial-contingent matter, the fee
arrangement was converted to a complete contingency agreement early in the litigation. After the
franchisees made an initial, nominal payment, the Zarco attorneys had no assurance of any payment at all.
They also assumed the risk of collecting any final judgment that might be procured.
Zarco states, “In view of these considerations, this factor supports an enhancement of the fee by a
multiplier of 2.5 to 3.0.”

Chris Morgan

Wow! They should shut them down right away and if she and her concubine Ted are really employed
by Dr. Ahmad. This guy is more of an idiot than the both of them combined!

Chris Morgan

Carol MyersThanks for getting information into Mary Lopez. Again, any and all information that anyone can provide can only help others not fall prey to her and others like her.  (Here's a photo of Chris Morgan, Carol Myers.)

This is a scam and, as stated below, there are contacts that you, the folks that were duped into working for FranSpan/The Healthy Lifestyle Place, PWC Holdings, etc. can contact to get information over to the IL Dept of Securities.

You are not alone, there were 10's of hundreds of folks that have been part of the scam. Shutting it down and shutting them down is the key.

Chris Morgan

I was employed with this Idiot for 2 weeks. Quit my job and was talked down to and belittled and yelled at with her idiot partner Ted who was supposedly on the cover of Success Magazine some 20 years ago making 20,000 per week? I e-mailed Dr. Ahmad's Audio to the Mary Lopez.

I can not believe I was duped by this idiot and her tag along. I hope this Dr. did not invest. There is a Radiologist in Chicago named DR. Ahmad but that is his first name. Farique I think is his last. She told me she came from Florida and had to stay because Dr. Ahmad wanted her close by.
The person above is right. I have done sales for 20 years and No one in their right mind as in a Dr. is going to pay out cash in an investment in 1 day!

She got mad when I asked her questions about call backs and rebuttals. Wow do I feel stupid!

Looking for confirmation----CONFIRMATION!!!

BONITA PARK, Fla. – Although Carol Myers, also known as Carol Brothers, is deep in litigation with the franchisees of her failed South Beach Franchising company, she apparently had time to man a booth at Denver’s Franchise and Business Opportunity Expo last weekend. Myers is named in a lawsuit along with Donald Boroian and his Francorp consulting firm, over claims of misrepresentations and concealment of facts in offering franchises. According to sources she is now promoting a new concept under the moniker of Medical Consulting Group of America, aka, offering various package deals to prospective buyers.

Below is part of the promotion and options the company advertises on its websites:

Are you ready to transition into becoming a successful Medical Consulting Group Partner in the Doctor’s Wellness Centre Consulting business with our help? We need to create our Owner success stories in your market now…so what are you waiting for?

Review the various available Consulting Business Opportunities and determine the best package that meets your personal, financial, and business objectives. Note: Operating Partner Master Area Developers must have business experience and submit the attached Short Form Financial Statement for consideration.

— Sales Consultant Career-Business* ($2,000)

— Full Owner Partnership* ($34,990 +)

— Master Area Developer Partnership Business ** ($68,880)

Sources said Myers was touting her successes in franchising at the expo. In her sales pitch she told interested prospects that she previously owned a franchise called Pop-In Maid Service, which she sold for approximately $24 million. But in recent legal documents related to the South Beach Franchising litigation, it was disclosed that she had to take the failed residential cleaning franchise into bankruptcy six or seven years after she started the business in 1978. Donald Boroian’s and his Francorp development team had assisted her in putting the franchise concept together along with disclosure documents.

It was in 2003 that Myers again approached Boroian about preparing a business plan for her venture on the South Beach Wellness concept. It was established to offer master franchises granting exclusive territorial rights to sell products related to health, nutrition, skin care, anti-aging, and lifestyle. Although Francorp prepared the disclosure documents for that company it was never registered. Brother blamed the failure of South Beach on third parties, who she claimed misappropriated her ideas for the concept. The lawsuit filed against Myers (under Carol Brothers), Donald Boroian and Francorp, Inc., asks for damages suffered by franchisee plaintiffs, due to the company’s fraudulent inducement and concealment of facts in selling the South Beach franchise system and concept to buyers.

One source said he had heard of at least two people at the Denver expo who bought into the MedVest offering. Each had paid approximately $70,000.

About Franchising?

She is

Looking for confirmation

Since everything is on the web...I am somehow not able to find any kind of real charges or convictions on this woman. Can someone help me out here and send me the docket entries or where to find the actual charges and conviction documented? This all looks suspicious, but facts are just confirm your statement by putting the link to the court records here so we can all verify it please.

Reply to: Please confirm that you are in fact the IL Securities

Contact Information for Reporting

If you have any information on the following names or companies listed below:

Names: Chris Morgan, Chris Baxter, Carol Morgan, Carol Baxter, Chris Baker, Carol Baker

Companies: PWC, Inc.; PWC Holdings; The Healthy Lifestyle Place, Fran Span Global, Inc.; FSG Inc.;

Please contact the following:

Bob Grogan-Illinois Securities Department at 312-793-3177
Cheryl Weiss-Illinois Securities Department at 312-793-3324

You can also email any information to Mary Lopez at
Her direct phone number is 312-793-3023.

Reply to: Please confirm that you are in fact the IL Securities

Contact Information for Reporting

If you have any information on the following names or companies listed below:

Names: Chris Morgan, Chris Baxter, Carol Morgan, Carol Baxter, Chris Baker, Carol Baker

Companies: PWC, Inc.; PWC Holdings; The Healthy Lifestyle Place, Fran Span Global, Inc.; FSG Inc.;

Please contact the following:

Bob Grogan-Illinois Securities Department at 312-793-3177
Cheryl Weiss-Illinois Securities Department at 312-793-3324

You can also email any information to Mary Lopez at
Her direct phone number is 312-793-3023.

Reply to:Please confirm that you are in fact the IL Securities

Actually they welcome any and all calls on this subject matter. They are investigating to the fullest. Bob Grogan at the IL Dept. of Securities wants any and all information forwarded to them. Mary Lopez, the Attorney General for the Secretary of State also welcomes any and all comments. Their numbers and information are listed on a previous blog. Feel free to contact them at any time.

Again, they welcome any and all information pertaining to these companies and the alias' named below.

This is probably coming directly from Chris Morgan/Carol Myers. BTW she is also karmakarma in previous postings.

Please confirm that you are in fact the IL Securities div

I called the Illinois Department of Securities at 312-793-3384 and they told us they never put this information here. They said they never put their information on any Blog. I think the people posting here are the ones committing fraud and it appears a smear attack by the people posting here. They should get a life. I do not know who any of you are but this is a big joke.

If I am a registered user how

If I am a registered user how do I get a picture onto these blogs?

Franchisor Pictures

BMM has many user functionalities including file uploads. In order to use them, you need to be a registered user. Otherwise, there isn't much you can do as a Guest besides posting simple comments.

Chris Morgan-FranSpan Global/The Healthy Lifestyle Place

Carol Brothers ripoff didn't pay commissions & wages Altamonte Springs Florida
Report - Rebuttal - Arbitrate
Remove Reports?
No! Better yet! Arbitrate to set the record straight!
Respond to this report!

Also a victim?

Carol Brothers
283 Cranes Roost Blvd
Altamonte Springs Florida 32701
Phone: 321-2313817

Category: Work place bullies

Submitted: Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2004

While working for Carol Brothers, numerous employees were never paid their due salary or commissions. The reasons for not paying varied from not making enough "required" contacts, not getting money in by certain "deadline" or because the monies owed were being used to pay attorneys for a lawsuit against former employees. This was a pattern that lasted over 6 months with dozens of employees being unpaid. If they would make threats, then they would get paid.

orlando, Florida
This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 6/29/2004 1:01:04 PM and is a permanent record located here:
Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report.

Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on Carol Brothers

Carol Myers photo?

Unfortunately pictures cannot be placed on this blog. If anyone knows how to place a pic on the web and then leave a web address to access it please do so.

Carol Myers photo?

Does anyone have a photo of Carol Myers Brothers to post here?

Carol Myers photo?

Does anyone have a photo of Carol Myers Brothers to post?

Contact Information for Reporting

If you have any information on the following names or companies listed below:

Names: Chris Morgan, Chris Baxter, Carol Morgan, Carol Baxter, Chris Baker, Carol Baker

Companies: PWC, Inc.; PWC Holdings; The Healthy Lifestyle Place, Fran Span Global, Inc.; FSG Inc.;

Please contact the following:

Bob Grogan-Illinois Securities Department at 312-793-3177
Cheryl Weiss-Illinois Securities Department at 312-793-3324

You can also email any information to Mary Lopez at

This is about franchising

Carol Myers was convicted of franchising fraud. She is now using an alias to sell suspicious franchise deals. So yes, this has everything to do with franchising and little to do with the National Enquirer. The franchise watch dogs are reporting here where she has popped up to sell franchises.

No one up to now has reported who she is dating, where she is suntanning, or what diamond necklace she is wearing. This is about business.

Maybe one day she'll find a quiet place off the Internet grid to sell franchises. Mars?

What does this have to do with Franchising?

Isn't this a Franchising Website? What does any of this have to do with the Franchising Community? Is this the National Enquirer?

To Illinois State Securities

Are you officially with the Illinois State Securities? If so, can I have your name so I know who to directly contact?

FranSpanGlobal/The HealthyLifestylePlace

Any comments posted by anyone that has been associated with or worked for any of the following companies: PWC, Inc.; The Healthy Lifestyle Place; Fran Span Global, Inc. or have been associated with a person by the name of Chris Morgan, Carol Morgan, Carol Baker, Carol Baxter, Chris Baxter; please contact the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357. Please also contact the Illinois Department of Securities at 312-793-3384 to give them information on the selling practices and their business proceedings. Thank you.

Chirs Morgan-FranSpan Global/The Healthy Lifestyle Place

After reading these comments, and about PWC, and looking at the websites .... Chris Morgan / Carol Myers look like the same person with a "new" venture: FranSpan Global LLC and The Healthy Lifestyle Place. Comments.....

in response to...what is your name?! LOL

I have not provided my name because I AM one of the people that has been harrassed by these three.  I have been harrassed enough...not dumb enough to provide my name so I can continue to be bothered.  It has nothing to do with being spineless.

what is your name?! LOL

you appear to be spineless also.... karmakarma? lol I do not know these people but have been involved with Carol years ago..... talk about karma!

Scared to share my number lol....

I think I already shared too much. I really dont want this woman coming after me. I stated before, I was contacted by this woman because of a job I applied for. From the start, I felt uneasy. I immediately began to investigate because her company "Franspan" sounded very similar to "Francorp" that was my first red flag. I contacted Francorp and they said the two companies were not related. I found nothing about her alias name so I filled out all the paperwork to start my employment of hell. At first I was impressed. She even told me there was a contest to give a dell computer to the first person to make a sale that week...Once the training began it went downhill. She spoke very quickly and it seemed like it was such an easy sell. When Ive worked previous at home jobs, you work a certain amount of hours and that is it. It seemed like she expected you to be on the phone from sun up til sun down.
By my second day in the training everyone who had started with me, quit. She mentioned people being fired to due to dishonesty or different circumstances....RED FLAG. I was not able to get those three way calls going and we were trying to book an investor dinner. She kept telling me how upset Dr. Ahmad was getting and how he was not pleased with my performance.

Why would a person have brand new hires make calls to fill a room for an investors dinner ? I thought I wasnt trying hard enough. Once she got behind that keyboard she berated me constantly accusing me of not making calls, not following directions, not using the website correctly, you name it..I did it incorrectly. I even asked for extra time to learn because I was dealing with my gravely ill mother. This went on for a couple of weeks Finally I came to the conclusion that it wasnt going to work for me...I was still willing to give it a try, but she locked my email account ..

The shoe of deception belongs to Chris/Carol

I agree with the person who said how many people have to get hurt before she is stopped. I guess people really dont think she is hurting anyone, but the truth is.she is hurting many people. I cant speak for the investors, but the people who are employed by her thinking that they have found an ideal work at home job are in for a rude awakening. All the while you are going to think that you are on the one doing something wrong. The truth is no doctor is going to close a deal in one phone call. No one is sitting here looking to give money away..if they are please pass their number along to me.

I feel relieved to know that I was not alone, but I still wasted time in this so called project when I could least afford to. So whats next...

share them here or share your

share them here or share your phone number and we should talk.

what does this mean? the

what does this mean? the shoe of deception from Chris/Carol? How many people does she have to harm before someone does something to stop her?

How can we share our stories ....

how can we share our stories ??

If the shoe of deception fits ....

Seems we have a winner here people !!!

This woman is a CROOK and

This woman is a CROOK and needs to be in Jail she steals money from people & claims she is opening a wellness center for them. If you have any contact information for any employees that havent gotten out yet I would strongly encourage you get in touch with them and have them run while they can. It is a MAJOR SCAM & she will take you down with her

love to hear the stories

Just quit her BS Company. do have any stories to share about Carol Myers, AKA Chris Morgan

does she also go as Chris Morgan

Would love to hear any/all stories on Carol Myers/chris Morgan.

carol myers, aka chris morgan?

does she also go as Chris Morgan?

Ooh the stories I have on

Ooh the stories I have on this woman I would love to speak with you off the record.

Thank you 12-19 poster for confirming the truth...

When I saw the post from 12-19 this confirmed my suspicion. that is the phone number of the person who was my "boss" during those couple of weeks of hell yet she went by another name. Same initials. So I take it we were probably in the same "training" class.. Truth be told I liked her alot over the phone. However once she got behind the keyboard she was a cyber bully giving off the improression that I was doing something wrong since I could not get doctors on the phone to sell them on this project. She accused me of not making the calls. She made it seem like it was an easy sell and I could have a deal written within days of employment. However red flags went up when it seemed that everyone seemed to be new and the person who had recently written some deals was "dishonest" and had been fired. She kept saying that I was going to get into trouble with the legal dept and that it was illegal for me to call doctors back ..All of this was taking place during the last month of my mother's life. I was rushing from the nursing home to get back home to be cyber bullied and make calls that were not going to amount to anything...

PWC Holdings - Carol Myers

All of your posts are true. When I caught her in a couple of lies, she threw her attorney Roger at me. What a dunce. There is no truth to this combination - STAY AWAY!!! These promises are as hollow as it gets, and she preys on the enthusiastic! She is great at cyber-bullying, just delete them, or tell her to send them in French?? It will catch up with her, and all I have to say is HAHAHAHAHA!!! In case you want to contact her, cell # 786-972-1349

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for this !!!! Thank you so much. I just wasted an entire week being cyber bullied by this woman. I am so angry at myself for wasting my time. But at least I now know and FYI she has another name now...




Don't waste your time! You will get paid for time being if that's all your looking for..... but don't rely on it for a career.

Run or ask for your job back!

Yeah! Better off looking for another job or collecting unemployment?

Run or ask for your job back!

Yeah! Better off looking for another job or collecting unemployment?


You be better off moving on, because by time you pay legal fees to get it-which she owes you- you would be better off putting that effort into getting a real job!

Oh! Carol Myers-Brothers or is it Oh! Brother

PWC is a freaking joke! You have this founder named Carol Myers who offers big bucks for salary ....... not going to say anymore

I really think this chick is chasing her POP-IN maids dream all-over again and hoping for it to be a lasting success? I will be really shocked if I'm driving down the road and see a Phsycian Wellness Center? If I do?Well, that will never happen............

After, doing research on her history-there is no creditibilty to anything!


May I ask why you do not work for her anymore? It seems like a very lucrative opportunity and great idea.


What type of Lawsuits? And how long did you work for her ?

Well I still haven't got the

Well I still haven't got the last of my pay from her. I know of two lawsuits being brought against PWC in the Jacksonville, FL area.

Carol Meyers

Do you think I have a problem I just resign from a job without notice to take one with Carol at double my salary.

what do I have to look forward to

Update to Carol's aka = Baker Company Name = PWC Holdings!

Carol is now Carol Baker [dropping any previous names] with the company name being changed to PWC Holdings!

Name Change

Please take note that Carol is now operating under another last name:Baker with a new name for the business "proposition":

Carol Myers aka Brothers

I had the "Pleasure" of being employed by this women for exactly one week.

It appears I had a keystroke logger downloaded surepticiously and as soon as I stumbled onto this website and others regarding the aforementioned person I was dismissed via e-mail. I did get paid 80% of the monies owed to me. Now I'm deciding whether to go-after the other 20%.

Since my departure it appears the entire staff has been dismissed and she left "the corporate condo" owing over $15,000 in rent. At least that's what I've been told.

Just a passing observation:. Franchising/partnerships are a great way to build a business. However when your primary backer was recently incarcerated in a Federal Prison, I think one might pause and consider the trustworthyness and credibility of the folks involved. Also investigate the lead Doctor/investor Dr Muneer Imam

Anyone considering investing should at minimum do a google search of the players and draw their own conclusions. I have an opinion that I won't share as I signed a Non Disclosure Agreement and doing so in my opinion would be at minimum unethical if not a violation of said agreement.

There is an August 1987 article in Inc Magazine regarding the subject of this thread that will shed a great deal of light on the person .

Do your homework people

Carol Myers (aka Carol Brothers)

Sounds like you had about the same experience that I did. The concept sounded great at first and then when you started asking for further information, you got the run around and were talked to like an idiot. I think what finally made me realize this was probably a gimmick was when I asked to speak to other "Master Area Developers" and was told that they were busy professional people who didn't want to be bothered and then I was given a tape recorded message of a "meeting" between the master developers. COME ON! If I were a "Master Area Developer" I would be willing to take time out of my day to promote a business that I just invested 70,000 in. Carol also discussed all of the promotions and seminars that she was doing around the country, but when I couldn't find any of them advertised anywhere and started pressuring her for details, she changed her story and admitted that they hadn't actually done any of them yet. Thank goodness I wised up! I would be bankrupt now also. I have watched this frachise for the past couple of years to see if I "missed out" on something big, but my gut told me this was a scam. Looks like I wasn't far off the beaten path.

Carol Myers (aka Carol Brothers)

This is unbelievable! Carol Myers (aka brothers) is trying to sell the same concept under a different name (partnered with FranCorp again!)only not as a franchise but as a partnership! Everything above is true! No franchise documents and the process if full of deceptive practices. When will they learn???? I am a doctor who was approached by a rep. from Medical Consultants Group of America. When I asked for any details of the Master Area Developer agreement I was given a run a round and talked down to like I was stupid for not buying in! Carol touted her 30 yr history building international franchise companies and the sale of her 24 million dollar business! Now I find out she went bankrupt and has legal issues surrounding her. All the charges are fitting of what she is doing right now. Defrauding hard working people with the promise of making 7 figures a year and trying to get them to sign before they know what is hitting them. Someone has got to stop this lady.

Boroian and Brothers

I wonder how much of an impact this trial will have on Don Boroian? Francorp has been steadily losing employees over the last few months. Issues with payroll and the down economy has really depleted their ranks, especially their sales team. It will be interetsing to see if the firm's revenues can keep pace with Don's legal issues. Boroian's tax penalties and legal fees in the South Beach trial must be daunting right now to "the worlds largest franchise consulting firm" as they struggle to stay afloat.

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