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Ray Borradale's picture

One thing for sure;

to focus one's being on the anger won't help - it will ensure mistakes and play into the hands of the rogue franchisor.  There is life after franchisee-ing.  Alcohol doesn't help - it is a depressant and turns people away.

You get through and it ain't bad; in fact it is pretty bloody good.  When I breathe my last I will be wealthy because of the people in my life and not from anything else.

A sense of humor is important to share with and lighten the load of those around you.  I sing exceptionally well but I'm the only person that thinks so - others cringe and snigger and then disappear - even my dog.  Have you ever seen a dog snigger - its demoralising.

I've never been able to understand that so many people don't 'get' music.  Any good music is good for the soul. the mind and the heart. [now watch me get blasted by the critics]

Barbara Jorgensen's picture

Very interesting blog Boudica

I believe you are right.  People are hurting because of a bad franchise deal can be consummed with apathy.  They can get very depressed because of lost of their established credit and financial security.  I have always listened to music all my life.  Music can be inspirational to carry on and do what we have to do. 

I also love watching comedy.  I take all my dvd's out that make me laugh. The April fool's spoofs made me laugh all day.