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Boudica Lawson's picture

even cheaper alternative

How considerate of BMM to put in an ad break for me. I'll put the kettle on while I wait for normal programming to resume.

Great idea for conflict resolution though, Duel.

Litigation consists of arming both parties with a black powder musket and taking twenty paces.

Ray Borradale's picture

And with regard to costs

Franchisors should not underestimate the worth of the opponent.  The worthiness of the matter is not in consideration.  This is; the franchisee might be close to broke but does he or she own a home.  Drive out and have a look and let me know if you like it.  Consider the value to your network when you destroy an example dissident.  We will win against the under-funded franchisee and the outcome will eventually reduce your costs.  Is that not the vibe