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Such is the legistation

Once you reach power it all disappears.

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The critters ain’t as dangerous as franchising

Yep; we keep score of critter encounters cause they be few but we don’t keep score of franchising life changing events.  If Mr Schaden and his ilk wants to visit I have a number of special destinations.  Everybody else is safe unless they pack their stupid for the trip.

no comeback

I maintain Dr Craig Emerson has been more than captured by franchisors and why-because money talks, big businesses can pay a lot more into the election coffers can than poor old Joe citizen. Now what about the ACCC!!! What is going on there.

Craig must be as blind as a bat or just plain belligerent

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Actually, Po Joe can pay into a political action fund, but

chooses not to. There are sufficient PO Joe types out there who can pay into a franchise political action fund that would be effective in the purchased government influence market. They chose not to do it and they are way behind the curve. If they continue to choose not to do it they will remain behind  the curve.

Like everything else in life, no one is going to give you a gift of what he cal sell for cash.

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Behind the curve

Franchisees live in a small and busy world.  They don’t have the time to consider the deep dark levels of political influence.  And besides; it is so much easier to whine after the fact.

No matter where you look in the Emerson juggernaut you see consistency.  OK; there is nothing consistent in his push for or denying of various reforms confronting his portfolio however there is a common thread where the most financially influential lobbyists win the day every time. 

When it suits the Minister he stands well behind statements suggesting he wants to get out of the way of business rather than add to regulation but then applies that philosophy selectively.

Many will suggest business regulation is not the job of government while others would suggest that effective regulation is a basic economic need.  While others deal with the last 2 years of tough times Emerson has been swayed by lobbyists who promote ineffective regulation as assisting his part in holding down unemployment figures.

When franchising enters the regulation/unemployment debate Emerson fights for his friends at FCA in agreeing that scammed franchisees going out backwards support higher employment.  And they do on paper.

The poor quality of most franchises systems provides numbers in a country where unemployment has brought down many a government.  Rudd and Emerson are well aware of the sacrifices they authorize.  Franchisees are authorized sacrifices mostly because the Rudd government cannot imagine a healthy franchising industry with some healthy kick-ass regulation.

When Emerson denies effective regulation next week Australian franchising is set to continue to produce costly outcomes for many investors, lenders, suppliers and consumers.  But Emerson is eying a front bench portfolio so let’s give him and his backers a break. Po Joe would not have a clue.

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Well then, we'll just have to educate the Po Joes to the

fact that they aint gonna get for free what Mr Emerson and his ilk get paid for.

If we don't smarten up the Po Joes, they will always be just Po Joes.

what a load of crap

Solomon nails mr. proforma on the now deleted story re an earnings claim, and all of a sudden the whole story goes away. credible reporting? credible news site?

waz up mau mau man, is a new shark swimming in your pond?

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Most Joes are lazy

tight-ass bastards who just want mama. They don’t get
edjumicated in the beginning or in the middle. 
They figure it out when it’s too late.  Then they Po Joe the invisible statistic.

Nothing gunna change for Joe until a politician’s family
gets screwed and that ain’t likely.  As
far as I know there isn’t a politician in the land with family in a franchise. That
is a declaration of confidence.

Dumb Joe might get his ass saved one day and not realize that the internet tole him to say 'no'.

Ray,the Member for Canning's

Ray,the Member for Canning's wife is a part owner of a Brumbys store here in good old WA.Which given Don's excellent work in the Lenards debacle is worthy of high praise

Ray Borradale's picture

That is brilliant Graeme

Brumbies is a franchise I just never hear anything negative about.  Zip ... Nada .. Nothing.  I've casually spoken to quite a few Brumbies franchisees in Qld and they did not seem to know about bad siht.  I would call that 'sheltered'.

Cannot say the same thing for Bakers Delight.  There seems to be no comparison between a Bakers franchise and what Brumbies deliver ..... and how they deliver it.

But Graeme, I would much prefer to hear that a fence-sitter politician's family had been suckered by someone like a Bakers ... or those that have already been suckered by FCA.  Only because I believe in sharing the education as a way to reach those who ignore what should be done with reform.

It is nice to know that we have politicians that know what good franchising is all about so they can compare it to what is the objectionable majority.

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Australia’s strong mining based economic recovery is being hamstrung by a government waiting for the next election rather than reigning in unspent stimulus that originally amounted to a whopping 7.5% of GDP.  It’s about votes.  Everything the Australian government does is about staying in the driver’s seat for a second term no matter what the long term penalty. 

Yesterday was the day franchising was promised word of the Small Business Minister’s mindset on reform but it didn’t happen.  My bet is that today is the day.  The Reserve Bank of Australia is set to raise its cash rate to 3.5 percent (25 basis points) and that will win the headlines.  Perfect timing to rush through the bad news for franchising and have the fallout relegated to the back pages.  That is how governments deal with reform they don’t intend to touch.

Every year on this day the RBA offers government the opportunity to sidestep some problem issues so they just string everyone along and wait for the annual RBA announcement.  Younger people and those with no interest in politics would miss it but for others this charade has been repeated for decades on the first Tuesday of November every year.  This siht is predicable.

Had a gut full!!

I have had a bloody gut full of the blatent disrespect Mr Emerson is showing to Australian Franchisees regarding changes in Law that should have been made by him. I have been a franchisee for 5 years and have had an ongoing legal case against my Master Franchisee for 2.5 years. It has cost me my health, my life savings and some of my mental abilities.

Shame Shame Shame Mr Emerson!!!!! Your a f*cking disgrace!

Here here here bloody here. I

Here here here bloody here. I could not agree with you more, what a bloody disgrace this idiot is....I will not vote for Rudd next election purely because of the ineptitude of his small business minister, he really must be having his own mental blank-. Franchising cost me my health life savings and put my kids through a living hell, his response is shameful.

Clearly, all is not as it

Clearly, all is not as it seems with Jim Penman and "Jim's"

How many skeletons does he really have in his closet