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Busy Bakers

Bakers Delight should be commended for their efforts in support of a buoyant Australian economy where they have invested selflessly in a rush to win whatever ‘Awards’ appear from the FCA marketing machine.  

No matter what the publication of choice, where there is a franchising related award typically you will see the relentless efforts of BD damage control as the brand behind so many harsh reports of abusive franchising attempts to rebuild a reputation destroyed over many years of conflict.

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Calculating rankings.

How they calculate rankings:( according to the website)

These rankings reflect the 2009 industry results.  Over 170 franchise systems were given the opportunity for their franchisees to take part in the survey across Australia by
research company 10 THOUSAND FEET. Every franchisee was asked over 35
questions about their franchise system. Each question is weighted
according to its importance to franchisees. Weightings are determined
by sophisticated (multivariate) market research techniques.

My experience with this survey was that it was first touted by my franchisor as a method by which they were to improve franchise satisfaction. However NOT ALL franchisees were able to complete a survey- These were supposedly chosen randomly by 10  thousand feet. The above quote is misleading, to be accurate it should have said "every franchisee that took part was asked 35 questions".

I was unable to find out the exact number of surveys that were completed from the Poolwerx system but suffice to say the franchisor decided NOT to publish the results for franchisees to read despite saying that they would. Indeed, one rather suspects that they got the results and had a fit at the poor rankings, shoved it in a dark drawer and vowed never to speak of it again.

 My own questions to the franchisor as to how "random" was achieved and how anonymity was secured were met with a vague look and some  uncomfortable shuffling of papers.

My information would suggest that the sample numbers from each system were quite low- I would say too low if my experience with Poolwerx is anything to go by. I presume this was done so that equal numbers of participants for each system could be achieved, to cater for smaller systems and to allow for easier analysis.

In such a small sample size, (I think it was between 30-50 from a group of 180) there was plenty of room for sample bias. For example, ones experience of "support" in a metro area near to the head office can be quite different to the experience of one in a regional area and I do wonder if this effect was taken into account by those that designed the survey. same goes for Mulit unit owners.

Indeed some of the scores given for systems in the top ten are as low as 53 in 100. I dont think any franchisor should be proud of such scores.