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Good article

Great Insight Ray........... Excellent.....Gave me a sense of dejavu........

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No luck

needed for thos who do their due diligence unless the franchise is sold from under them.  But I have met many that were lucky enough to fall into a good thing when they didn't do their due diligence.

Franchisees in good system may not see BMM as providing value to them if they don't bother to visit.  If more did there would be more available I am sure.  People who don't believe they can perform better tomorrow will never be better than today and that is not exclusive of franchisees in good systems. One thing for sure; the people here are passionate about something.

I don't believe you are suggesting you don't have unhappy, whining franchisees in your good franchise. If that were so then we both know it is new and it will pass.

Granville it sounds like you got out of bed on the wrong side or perhaps, like me, you don't get excited about an upcoming visit from Santa?

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skewed sample

BMM is skewed to people who bought into crap systems and then they post here about how the Zor hurt them.

Those of us in strong systems have little reason to post here.  Look what happens when we do: one of the highest profile Hurt Zees (who's not even a Zee any more) "accuses" me of "sounding like a Zor", since I'm not crying about how I was "hurt".  Too many on this forum seem to be more concerned with rehashing how their Zor hurt them, then to consider how help others (or themselves!) to find and participate in a good system going forward.

Oh yeah, and it's not just luck.

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Possibly both

Look around; there are those who challenged themselves long ago to be the best.  They don't share just how really nice it is up there and I suspect its because they prefer to look down at all of those zors with less brain matter.  The crazy part is that franchisees walk in expecting what was the core message to that blog and then they too deny it is possible.

Sorry Ray

You must be dreaming or hallucinating. Great points but I can’t see zors taking the challenge.