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NFL Commissionor on the State of the Franchise System

On Super Bowl Sunday, Bob Schieffer of CBS's Face the Nation speaks with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at Miami's Sun Life Stadium about the state of the franchise system. The biggest concerns are about pay negotiations between franchisees and their employees that are coming up as well as the growing concern about how the high-impact sport may be harming the long-term health of the franchisees' employees (the players).

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Franchises Offer Super Bowl Specials

There are big eating deals that are ready for today's Super Bowl, according to Chain Leader magazine. Here are some of today's specials that franchising enables a wide swath of America to enjoy:

Buffalo Wings & Rings Announces Winter Sports Promotion
Restaurant chain Buffalo Wings & Rings has introduced the Super Winter Madness promotion, a new and creative way to reach sports fans with a "Big Game" offer.

Papa John's Announces Super Bowl Touchdown Promotion
For every touchdown scored by the Super Bowl XLIV Champion, Papa John's customers will receive a free topping with purchase of large cheese pizza for just $9 on Feb. 8-10.

T.G.I. Friday's Offers $5 Off Party Platters for Big Game
T.G.I. Friday's announced it will offer $5 off party platters at participating restaurants in the U.S. for the February 7, 2010 professional football championship between New Orleans and Indianapolis.

Champps Offers Free Wings for the Big Game
On February 7, 2010, restaurant chain Champps wants you to be the MVP of your party and is offering unlimited orders of buy-10-wings, get-10-wings-for-free on all carryout orders.

Pizza Hut Offers $10 Pizzas for the Big Game
As the teams from New Orleans and Indianapolis are huddling up to play the biggest game of the football season on Feb. 7 in Miami, the Pizza Hut team of more than 120,000 employees will be calling plays from the kitchens at over 6,000 restaurants across the country.

Wingstop Ready for Another Record Super Sunday
While the NFL prepares to crown a new champion in 2010, Wingstop restaurants nationwide are gearing up for a tenth-straight record-setting performance on Super Bowl Sunday. More than 5,200 employees will suit up on Feb. 7, when the national restaurant chain expects to sell more than 5 million chicken wings.

Hooters Promotion Will Give Away Super TV
On Sunday, February 7th during the Super Bowl, every Hooters restaurant in the country will give away a Sharp Electronics 40" LCD High Definition TV to one lucky customer that night.

Buffalo Wild Wings Gears Up for the Big Game
As Super Bowl Sunday fast approaches, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar (NASDAQ: BWLD) is preparing its restaurants for what has historically been its biggest sales day of the year.

Papa John's Official Pizza Sponsor of Super Bowl XLIV
On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans will eat more than 30 million slices of pizza, roughly 350 slices per second. But only one restaurant will be the Official Pizza Sponsor of the National Football League and Super Bowl XLIV: Papa John's.

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And why not

Sports attract huge audiences so for franchises to align with national games is real smart.

One of the things I love about football franchises is their merchandising.  Unlike your typical television series franchise, and most of the rest of us, football franchises get them in the gate, drag customers to the tube and then sell merchandise like its going out of fashion; because every year it generally does.

That is the stuff of revenue streams that beats the hell out of the more traditional mandatory purchasing revenue streams. Who doesn't own at least one piece of football merchandise? Heathens. 

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32 is a small network

BUT $8 billion is a bit hard to ignore.

I count 191,311 customers in the crowd; how many did I miss?

How many fans were missed?

You missed 1,547 fans who are in the restrooms relieving themselves, but are technically still considered part of the crowd.

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Socialism? Or just good business?

This is a great article that addresses our misconceptions about franchising.

I just posted a blog titled "What is franchising" elsewhere on Blue MauMau (which can also be found on our web site at Football would have been an excellent example to focus on.

Far too many franchises would object to sharing of revenues for many valid reasons.  And I agree that this would not work for many, maybe most, franchises.  The point, however, is that the football league proves that sharing (information, revenue, strategies, etc.) can work to the benefit of all in a network if properly implemented.