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Ray,this will certainly add

Ray,this will certainly add more pressure to that under performing excuse for a minister in Canberra.The tide is turning.No more theatrics Emerson,pull your finger out and ACT

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MP John Rau

Enfield MP John Rau, barrister, has been promoted to the role of Attorney-General in South Australia.  Tony Piccolo MP will be pleased as Mr Rau was quoted in Hansard as saying;

In my time I have had a look at a few franchise agreements, and from what I can work out it basically says to the franchisee, “You become the first level of risk bearer on behalf of the franchisor, so short of a catastrophic risk it will all be borne by you, not the franchisor.

And as soon as your capacity to absorb the risk is exhausted, we will replace you with somebody else who will then absorb the risk on our behalf until such time that there are no fools left in the queue, at which time we may or may not have to put our hand in our own pocket.

Secondly, you will guarantee our profits, because we will sell you stuff at the price that we determine and you will buy what we want you to buy, etc. You will guarantee our cash flow.

And, thirdly, after you have done all of that, if you accidentally make a little bit of profit, we will give you a small share of it.

“Why would any sane person sign up for that?”

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Hung parliaments and symbolism

The Tasmanian election has produced a hung parliament where Labour went backwards, the Liberals went forward and the Greens look like holding the balance of power.

The South Australian election, as one political journalist suggested; ‘is not so well hung’.  Neither Labor or Liberals are prepared to concede defeat or claim victory. Victory parties were renamed 'We Might Have Won' parties.

Franchisees will appreciate the result for the Hon Tony Piccolo MP; the man that stood up for franchisees and pushed the South Australian Franchising Bill while not winning favor from his federal Labor party and especially the Small Business minister, the hon craig emerson mp.

Mr Piccolo is a good Labor man and while his State Labor Party went backwards with a 7.4% swing he managed s very different and uncommon result by increasing his margin by 3%. Federally and per State the Labor party are being mauled by public opinion that suggests they don't appreciate governments that will go to any lengths to do whatever it wants and screw the people.

Tony Piccolo proves good guys can win. He backed doing something for franchising and his constituents recognised a man that would work but would also stand up for what is right; whether anyone liked it or not.  KRudd PM has had his honeymoon and it is over.

A common thread today in the media suggests that people vote on State issues in State elections and they should not be deemed to reflect a possible Federal election result.  Anyone want to bet this time around? 

KRuddThe smiling assassin is considered a power freak by even those within his own party .... and a God to himself. He doesn't hear anything but his own ego at full steam.

But alas; we await a Liberal policy on franchising.

KRudd Brand Maintenance

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So  Labor's Piccolo (meaning small flute)  retains the seat of LIGHT over the Liberal Candidate Cosie Costa.

In the context of franchising, the symbolism of this is quite beautifully poetic.

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Too close to call

but most seem to consider that Labor will get a narrow win even though it was savaged by a big swing against it.  I have no doubt that Tony Piccolo's re-election funds would have been dwarfed by FCA assistance given to his opponents but he still increased his margin. 

It was nice to see Rudd got his backside kicked in Tasmania.  There now needs to be a lot more of that.  Qld Labor is virtually in political suicide mode.  Not much different in NSW.  How can you pick in Victoria where the people are conditioned to living with corruption?

A glimmer of hope?

"The South Australian March 20 election is predicted to be close and the popular driving force behind the alternate South Australia Franchising Bill, Tony Piccolo MP, is first term in a marginal seat.

Should Mr Piccolo lose in this election then Craig Emerson MP, Small Business Minister, will breathe a sigh of relief even though Mr Piccolo is a member of his Party. That would most likely mean only a minimal short-term effective backlash giving Emerson a respite from looking over his shoulder."

The good news is that it appears Mr Piccolo has held his seat. Congratulations, and well done the people of South Australia!

Let's hope he continues his efforts to reform franchising, and becomes a right royal pain in the butt to the Federal master of misinformation....Emerson.

I doubt he will be getting any congratulatory e-mails from the FCA?

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This is redikulous

Tonight the South Australian State election result will play an enormous role in how franchicing in Australia moves forward; or backwards.

I, like many of my franchisee friends from across Australia; we are  compelled to thank Tony Piccolo, win or lose,  While I am prepared to call an ahole for what he is; I know a great human when I face one.  7.12pm and I don't know what the hell is going on with the election but I hope that common sense prevails.

Thank you Tony; tough election, plenty of distractions out of your control, if you win thats right, if you lose then all I can say is the next person in your seat better be real bloody good.

What it is as it happens           ?

Ain't this weird;? Waitin to see how money has a greater influence than people.  Waitin to see how an FCA financial influence produces.  I just hope I'm not angry tomorrow  .. Go the good guy...

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To be sure, to be sure

Tis the fairy dust that makes franchising law what it tisn’t. New or old tis the same; tis nothing a'tall. Tis the same line of fairy dust consumed by the Minister as he fiddled with tings in private.  Tis the same line of fairy dust consumed by franchisees before signing.

Tis FCA that be dealin in the fairy dust while we poor souls all be drinkin the green beer on St Paddy's Day to celebrate our Aussie troubles; Emerson our belittled saviour. For tis Emerson the dedicated that will still be working his line with snake in one hand and gathering about him generous snakes of all color and size.

Twas 2004 when the murmerings began. We wanted an Inquiry and 6 years on we want an Inquiry into the Inquiry. Give me some more of dat fairy dust. Just to be sure, to be sure.

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Sure and the wee fairies will sprinkle the magic dust upon all

and make the world fair for everyone, especially franchisees. And they will also drive out the snakes from off the land of franchising. No franchisee will ever again havecause to complain, and our Savior will return to raise the dead on that glorious day when all bar tabs are comped.

On this St Padraig's Day, let us hoist grand drafts to the Dear St Padraig and to the gods of franchising, whoever they may be - especially if they be Irish and Catholic.

St Padraig was a gentleman of cunning and of stealth

He Drove the snakes from Ireland - Here's a toasting to his health

But careful with the toastings, ere you lose yourself and then,

Forget the dear St Padraig and start seein' snakes again.

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Mr Emerson's operation was a failure

He is still a pinball wizard.

So what does this mean for us battaling the system?

Why is the Australian Government so against helping the Franchise Sector which will help Australia. It should be a good thing to have a system where rogue franchisors can not get away with ripping off people. Whats going on Mr Emerson. Please make the system fair for everyone.