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Why the KFC restaurants in North Louisiana serve Spicy Chicken?

I am from Ferriday Louisiana and we were raised on Spicy Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) as most Central and South Louisiana people had been. 16 years ago I walked into a KFC here in Monroe Louisiana and asked for an order of Spicy Chicken. To my dismay, the cashier stated "Sorry Sir. If you want Spicy Chicken, you will have to go to Popeye's.". Every since that statement I have been eating Popeye's Chicken. I love eating at KFC in Ferriday because of their Spicy Chicken. What will it take for you all to serve sSpicy Chicken in North Louisiana. Namely Monroe and West Monroe Louisiana? Thank you.

KFC Franchisees say zees can do more

Guest writes, "when things go well with the brand the franchisees are responsible and when things don't go well the franchisor is responsible."

KFC franchisees are not happy with their elected representatives. The survey says that they want the council to work more closely with franchisor KFC Corp. The franchisees council is responsible for advertising. But zees say they aren't doing their job by blaming their bad ads on the scape goat of so-called bad product releases from KFC Corp. They say zees and zor need to better work together. The franchisees, through their independent franchisee association AKFCF, have ideas on how that should be done, and they have a methodology for monitoring progress.

Franchisees make a good point.

KFC Franchisees want it both ways

They want to criticize and not be criticized. They want accountability, however in their "town" accountability is a "one-way street". Most of all franchisees want to be treated as more than franchisees, they want to be superior to shareholders. Finally when things go well with the brand the franchisees are responsible and when things don't go well the franchisor is responsible.

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Yum Makes Strides in Emerging Markets, Loses Focus Back Home

Rick Carucci, CFO of Yum Brands, parent of KFC, said that his company has a competitive advantage over rival restaurant operators in emerging markets and sees continued growth opportunities.

"With a five year period ending in 2009, we added about 4000 net new units in these markets, a 12% compound annual growth rate. This compares to a 1% compound annual growth rate in the balance of our international operations", added the CFO... "As another benchmark, we currently have almost two times the number of emerging market units as McDonald's, and we have added more net units than McDonald's at a 3 to 1 rate during the past five years", continued the CFO.  [via Flexnews]

As KFC has been adjusting to tap into the super hot growth of emerging markets like China, management has been learning bad habits of not listening and loving its U.S. franchisees, the very people who brought KFC to the dance.

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The idea

of franchisees conducting surveys into their satisfaction is brilliant. Perhaps franchisees could conduct a survey into the health of the industry in each country. hmm ....

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