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Failure Rate by Gender

From our perspective, we only survey franchisees.  As such, none have actually failed.  If they had failed, they would no longer be franchisees and then not part of the survey.

The National Franchisee Survey incorporates questions that help to understand if the failure rate is increasing or decreasing -- but it does not definitively answer this question.   We do ask respondents if their business is profitable and also how many years it took to reach profitability.  We can then look at this information by gender which would only partially answer your question.  We also look at this information by education level, age, ethnicity and other criteria.  This information will be available in the Annual Report once the 2010 survey period has closed -- near the end of the year.

Over a number of years, we can look at trends to understand how the rate is changing.  This, I think, is the closest we can come to answering this question.

I personally have not come across this information through other sources.

I often read your blog and

I often read your blog and always find it very interesting. Thought it was about time i let you know…Keep up the great work

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Perry, are there

any stats on men v women failure rates? Or even any stats on industry failure rates where we can compare performance between the different brands and their selection efficiency? You have the power ... maybe ...

Men v. Women Stats

Interesting finds. I particularly like the information on the reasons why women and men decide to own a franchise. Since a greater number of women are starting to own their own small businesses it's interesting to learn their reason for making such a commitment and what motivates them to make the jump.