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Positive Blog Tool

Any franchise system needing blogers to send positives to a network needs to have a good look at how badly their field teams and IndFA are working. If there is nothing to hide then face-to-face works best.

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A blog is only a tool. 

A blog is only a tool.  Franchisees can use it anyway they see fit, either by trying to help build or tear down a franchise. 

Either way, blogging is now an extension of the relationship between Franchisees and franchisors and gives Franchisees an anonymous way to communicate to a franchisor without fear of repercussion.  It is much easier to ask questions, identify strengths/weaknesses of a franchise system, and share ideas “outside” the box if you are using a blog.  It is an active project that takes a time commitment and consistency in posting.  For a blog to be an effective tool, it needs to survive long enough to build active interest and get attention from both Franchisees and franchisor and it needs credibility.

If a blog can create an audience and become a credible source of information, it could become a support mechanism for effective discussions between Franchisees and franchisor.  It does not need to be used as a way to get back at the franchisor.

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We hear about realities. If anyone has something highly

positive to post, they are welcome to do that.

The only drawback is that when you post something in here, there are folks who have very well trained sense of smell.

If those with negative reputations had anything worthwhile to say, wouldn't you expxect them to say it so that their perspectives could also be considered?

Why aren't there more rah-rah pieces?

Guest asks, "Why doesn't anyone write for"

Have you seen today's headline news? Quiznos just settled with thousands of its franchisees in the largest legal settlement for franchised restaurant chains in U.S. history. And you expect there should be a site,

Publishing Quiznos rocks is not the problem. Here are the latest Quiznos rocks headlines:

* Quiznos charts course for global growth
* Lance Armstrong, CO Gov. Ritter discuss Quiznos Pro Challenge
* Watch out, Old Spice Guy: Here Come the Singimals
* Breakfast price points attract operators, consumers
* Rebecca Hall, Quiznos Chef-Apprentice discusses $5 Large Subs

When it comes to franchising, even the sellers of Quiznos franchises have lots of rah-rah pieces to sell by.

Why do we only hear about

Why do we only hear about failing zees? Why doesn't anyone write for

What is bothersome is there are a lot of successful franchisees (I know easily 2 dozen that come to mind in various concepts) but they are too busy running their business to complain about stuff or tout the franchise.

Look...NOT everyone is built for business ownership (franchise or otherwise). When someone posts anonymous stuff, I wonder about the ability of that person NOT so much about the concept.

Only Remedy for Blogging the Truth

We're lucky ones - we found the blogs about the corrupt operations at Baskin Robins Australia before we signed up for one of their "Class A" sites. Crooks didn't even want to return our guaranteed fully-refundable deposit, claiming we now had "inside information".

If the blog is being written by one zee to be vindictive, it's clearly obvious and the reader can discount the information. IN the case of the Baskin Robins Australia blog, there is so much factual detail that is proven to be accurate it's clearly those that have been swindled sharing their experiences.

The only way a franchisor can stop the bad blogging is for the franchisor to stop their abusive and unconscionable behaviour. Without change they will only see it become more and more difficult to attract new victims.

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Wordpress is a very good platform for people wanting to express their complaints, and exercise their freedom of speech. With its seo plugins, it does a good job of allowing people to generate a decent focus group.

Of course it is a pity that so many franchisees have to see their franchisor as the enemy, someone to be stalked rather than talked to.

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture



This community greatly needs informed people that can tell us what in their sector looks best. Few are brave enough to go on record. If you are walled into knowing only about your franchise brand, then share with us what you like about your competitors and why, e.g. the sub sandwich sector.

There are a lot of unemployed people that are trying to figure out where their efforts should be spent. If you have an absolutist view of avoiding the purchase of any franchise, then I challenge you to tell us what looks encouraging in your business sector. Is there a small business opportunity that looks good to you?

Knowing today's worst performing franchises or most griped about brands is only part of the solution that is needed. After all, our community motto is "franchisees and small biz owners share news to prosper and amuse." Being only a rip-off report does not completely fit Blue MauMau's charter.

Other areas to contribute is new technology and best practices in operations. Finding capital to expand is yet another.

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Re: Sunlight is the best antiseptic

Or they could create their own weblogs and self-publish via a blog on Blue MauMau. That way they don't have to turn into geeks to find hosting providers, develop their own website, master platforms, etc. BMM does it for them.

To set up your own weblog, all you have to do is register. Your webpage is

For example, mine is

That way you are surrounded by an audience that is keenly interesting in franchise and license related topics. If you don't care about being surrounded by people interested in franchising, then I would recommend the new face of the ten-year old blogging phenomenon, social media site FaceBook. It's very easy to set up an account and begin networking. A more traditional blog site can be set up through Google's

Les Stewart's picture

Sunlight is the best antiseptic

Self- publishing via weblogs such as is a fantastic 1st step.

Anonymity is a strength not weakness when the systems' franchisees can spot the truth. All organizations that are on enemy soil must operate clandestinely.

Re: Right to demean brands

Dave opined on franchising best practices and from I can glean he is in no position to know. His good intentions don't mean a thing, In fact his post was a self-serving promotion for Illuminate Gym that hopes to cast his franchise in light of benevolent franchisor with high standards, a bright future and none of the typical franchisor quick cash mentality for which I say hogwash.

Barbara Jorgensen's picture

Complaining, griping and whining is what

many zors say when zee's are simply telling the truth of their experience with a bad zor.  Warning others is honorable. 

What amazes me is if the rogue zors were men and women of honor, I am sure their zees would tell others.  I know I would. 

Right to demean brands

Ooh, Dave, it looks like one of your competitors is trying to sidetrack the discussion by attacking you and getting us off the subject at hand, bloggers being protected in their criticism of franchisers, licensers and corporations. Don't take the bait.

What surprises me about this article is that the attorneys representing the various sides all seem to come to an agreement on one point. It is futile for corporations to try to take down demeaning posts. Besides not being legally supported, I would imagine that the Internet has the potential to bite the offending firm right in the @ss.

On the other hand, I have read articles that say that online boards of late have been more aggressive in removing snarky remarks and personal attacks.

ReFranchisees have a right to know about their future franchisor

Let's see Dave you've been a franchisor for about 8 minutes and have how many franchisees? I think you should get some experience before you lecture others about how franchising should be done.

And while I don't want to poop on your front porch I think you are about 10 years too late to the franchise health club/fitness center party. Why do you think with no apparent franchise development experience and armed only with your good intentions you and your franchisees will be successful?

RichardSolomon's picture

They are appealing on the grounds that President Obama was

not born in the United States, and to set aside articles of the Constitution that protect people they dislike, as well as the California Court's decision allowing same gender marriage.

Whatever their real grounds for apeal, they are about as useful as those I just suggested.

Franchisees have a right to know about their future franchisors

I think franchisees who are about to invest a lot of their hard earned money should be able to see all the issues/complaints about their future franchisors so they can make an educated decision on which franchise makes the most sense for them.

Also I work in franchise development for Illuminate Gym and many franchisors will tell you that they receive bad reviews because not everyone is cut out to be a successful entrepreneur.

In my eyes this also reflects poorly on a franchisor because they should not be approving everyone who is willing to franchise with them. Franchisors must avoid chasing the 'fast cash' the initial franchise fee provides and really screen franchisees before they approve them to carry their brand.

I agree with Mr. Levy, this

I agree with Mr. Levy, this ruling will indeed set a "trend".
Bravo to Lawrence White for not caving in when the going got tough.

What are they appealing on?

RichardSolomon's picture

My hearty congratulations to Paul Levy for his excellent work,

He goes down in my personal heroes list, Good on ya, Paul

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