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Robert W Sisyphus's picture

a BD existence

I have never seen a culture as consistent in a franchise network.  I think Bakers Delight need to refer to s393.c.iii of the universal standards manual I sell online for $471,000. BD people are not being happy. Even in the very few pretty shops it seems to just be an existence. I’d suggest BD terminate the lot even if Gen Y is a tougher audience. It’s time for Gen Y

Hell; most of them deserve it ....

Bakers Delight has a good model

It is simple franchising. Compare it to a 44 gallon drum half full of water - then throw in a dozen puppies and wonder at the ones that swim the longest.

Ray Borradale's picture

Bakers Delight in trouble?

Perhaps the poor brand image generated back in 2007 with the announcement of the ACCC investigation, their over-representation in the 2008 Australia wide franchising inquiries for unfair franchise practices, ongoing franchisee litigation, social media highlighting their Lies and the continuing rumours of financial problems are all taking its toll on Bakers Delight.  BDL

Information coming in suggests Bakers Delight does not tick all of the trouble boxes but it ticks enough to indicate it is heading toward being another disaster.

Anyone who buys a Bakers Delight today has obviously not done their homework – this is a company in decline. Falling customer numbers, falling market share, rising prices, franchisees stuck in the system that can’t get out unless Bakers Delight wants to churn their business…

Targeting 100 Gen Y franchisees is a long way from the 2006 campaign target of 5,000 that yielded 4 (COBS) in the US.