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Just don't smile

I wrote this blog about an hour after my life was hanging in the balance.  My wife had come home from her now new but ex-hairdresser and told me the story. She sometimes bypasses angry tears and goes straight to Mt Vesuvius. … She said

I see it all the time happening to people and it only really registered what it was today.

To be fair; she comes home every second day spruiking about the wonderful people she spoke to and who took her money.

But have you ever heard of people who felt they were treated differently as customers because they were elderly, female, Australian or whatever and then losing it big-time when you least expected them to?  Ya gotta meet my wife!

Fact is; she will talk up any business but she will really go the extra mile for those businesses that treat people indifferently.  Most people do ......

Why was my life in the balance?

I smiled