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NSW Small Business Commissioner; Consultation Paper

The New South Wales government has released a Consultation Paper requesting small business community input to best determine the legal framework required to assist the Small Business Commissioner to function effectively.

Yasmin KingHowever, despite these successes, not all cases will be able to be solved through the goodwill of the parties involved. In these circumstances, the Commissioner will require the support of a legislative framework in order to assist in the resolution of disputes and issues facing the small business sector. Legislation will provide the tools that will allow the Commissioner to meet the objectives of the role and deliver outcomes for small businesses in NSW. Yasmin King, NSW Small Business Commissioner

The approach taken in NSW, as it was in South Australia, is to encompass all small business; farmers, franchisees and small business manufacturers and acknowledge that contractual relationship abuse threatens investment in small business with detrimental long term economic consequences.

The Commissioner will be travelling throughout the state in June/July to hear directly from small business operators.

A survey has been published to give small business operators a better understanding of what types of powers may assist the Small Business Commissioner.

The Consultation Paper has been published HERE. There are also additional links to allow responses to be submitted on line, by email to, and to request a meeting with the Commissioner.

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