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NYPD Cops Refused Service at Dunkin’, Unions React with Boycott

A clerk at a Brooklyn Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins store allegedly refused to serve two policemen who were in line to buy ice cream around noon on a hot summer day, prompting retaliation from NYPD police unions against the chain.

After waiting in line behind a customer, the cops — who were wearing suit pants, shirts and ties, with their badges and pistols on their belts — approached the counter but were ignored by a clerk who instead asked a man standing behind them what he wanted, sources said.

The man gave the clerk his order, sources said, then added, “These two guys were in front of me.”

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t serve cops,” the clerk replied. — Shawn Cohen, Reuven Fenton and Bruce Golding, The New York Post

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted the apparently cop-hating worker. The NYPD detectives and captains unions have called for a boycott of the doughnut chain.

While the franchisor has apologized for what happened at a franchisee’s location, police were angered by what was in the apology.

In making the apology, Dunkin’ Brands’ spokeswoman Michelle King said that the NYPD pair were waiting in a line that wasn’t staffed and that steps had been taken with signage to prevent that alleged misunderstanding from happening again.

But the two police officers insist that their line was staffed, and that the clerk refused to take their order. Other police reaction was outrage:

“Basically, Dunkin’ Donuts is saying that the two officers in the store were too stupid to know where to order — while every other customer came in and knew where to order,” said Sergeants’ Benevolent Association boss Ed Mullins. “It’s an insult to all members of law enforcement.” — Jennifer Bain, Shawn Cohen and Dean Balsamini, New York Post

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