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Official Press Release from F1 Hoverpod Racing


I made you all a promise for 2010 to which I will do my very best to keep to. The promisse was to inform you when news or official Press Release was cleared to publish.


I can now confirm that I have full permission to publish that in 2009 F1 Hoverpod Racing applied for Trade Mark Status and Official Registration of the word Hoverpod in Australia to support its Registration in the UK gained some time ago. It was confirmed officially by the Trade Mark Office in Australia that after lots of negotiation and complying with rules etc, the Trade Mark Hoverpod was recognised and fully accepted in Australia which now pathes the way for the proposed expansion in Australia. 


Keep watchin for up dates and future Press Release's soon.




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  A Very Merry Christmas from F1 Hoverpod Racing

December kind of crept up a little quickly this year in the UK and to all our suprise we were slightly caught out with the snow arriving a little early. This gave the team at F1 Hoverpod Racing an inspired festive feeling and brought about a certain madness of fancy dress feeling and as such we have a team of Elf's, Rudohlf's and Faries through the camp.

Whilst winter is often associated with a slowing down and winding up for the winter period, it is not the case for the development team at F1 Hoverpod as the adverse weather conditions provides for a unique experience for testing on snow and ice in an everyday situation. Many people realise the potential of the Hoverpod but often overlook the unique features and abilities of the Hoverpod to travel at super high speed across surfaces such as water, snow, ice and even mud. The ability to travel across land and fly across water is something that few people have ever experienced but always see the potential and future of the product when seen first hand.

The whole team at F1 Hoverpod Racing wish to express to all of our supporters and fans our thanks for the encouragement and kind comments you have sent through the blogs, forum and e-mails and we all want to share with you a "Very Merry Christmas" to you all


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